TeamFortress2 Diceroll Mod Community Diceroll
TeamFortress2 Diceroll Mod Community Diceroll
May 19, 2008
ABOUT TeamFortress2 Diceroll Mod Community

Crazy TF2 MOD - TF2 extreme

Welcome to the TF2 Diceroll mod community!
Server addresses are (by gov community - currently closed) (by pwnshopgaming, the original diceroll creators)

The rules are easy: connect to the server, type diceroll in chat and you’ll get random positive or negative prizes such as low gravity, speed boost, high fire rate, zero ammo… other command are kamikaze, nuke (atomic bomb) and infection for medics only

Diceroll - Allows players to use a diceroll command to try and win prizes. Many
prizes are evil, such as instant death. The logic around this feature is rather
simple. Three numbers are randomed between 1 and 6 and are added together. The
sum of those three numbers determines the prize. Prizes marked with TIME BASED
are time based prizes. Meaning, once player gets them, he will have them for
certain number of seconds. file
3 One Hit Kill - One of rarest prizes. One who wins this, will kill anyone in a SINGLE hit. Only ones who will survive are ones with uber charge. (TIME BASED)
4 High Fire Rate - Excessive (see Excessive feature) like feature, minus health regen and super speed. Player will be able to fire weapons a lot faster than by default.
5 Low Gravity - Self-explanatory, player will be able to jump high and leap buildings with this prize.
6 Ammo Clip Boost - The clip of current weapon will be expanded TEN TIMES the normal value. So soldier's rocket launcher will have 40 rockets in clip. However, once the clip is depleted, it will go back to normal (or if player touches refill cabinet).
7 Death - Who said 7 is a lucky number? That's not the case here, that's for sure. Instant death if player gets this prize. Even uber won't save you here.
8 High Gravity - Gravity is multiplied about 10 times. Jumping is impossible and falling off any ledge will deal fall damage.
9 Low Health - The health is reduced to 1. Painful prize but not as painful as #7, instant death.
10 Kamikaze - If kamikaze feature is enabled, player will be turned into a time bomb.
11 All Criticals - All shots will be criticals. Even if they don't appear as criticals they will still do critical damage. This prize is unavailable if tf_weapon_criticals is set to 0.
12 Empty Ammo - Player loses all ammo he has.
13 Melee Only - Player is only allowed to use melee weapon (a weapon in slot 3). He can not use weapons until he dies and respawns.
14 Ammo Refill - All ammo is refilled! A useful prize in maps where ammo is very limited.
15 Double Health - Player's health will be doubled! Great time for medics to heal the player. If player touches health/refill cabinet, his HP WILL go back to normal.
16 Speed Boost - Player will gain speed faster than scout! (TIME BASED)
17 Invisiblity - Player will become totally invisible. However, the turrets will STILL see the player. (TIME BASED)
18 Invincibility - Player will become invincible. Nothing can hurt the player, one of most useful prizes. (TIME BASED)

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