October 3, 2015
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Smushies Dec 9, 2015 @ 12:11pm
FAQ and Common Problems.
Please read the below answers before asking a question or posting a problem. If you encounter a problem not addressed below, feel free to post about in our Support Thread.

I can't see my inventory!
First try pressing the "Refresh Inventory" button below the left-box. If that doesn't work, make sure that you entered in your trade link on the website and your inventory privacy is set to "Public". Steam servers sometimes act up. You can check the status of steam's servers here.[]

The bot's inventory is full!
Yes, we know it's full. Please don't spam the comments and threads with posts that it's full. Only 1 person has the ability to empty the bot and when they are able to, the bot will return to normal functionality. We are working on increasing the capacity.

Why can't I trade '#' items to empty the bot myself?
As we only have 1 bot doing all the trading, the max number of items we can hold is 1000. If the number of items exceeds 1000, the bot cannot accept anymore items regardless of the number. This is a Steam restriction, not ours.

"One of your offers is still in the send queue."
Check your trade offers. If it isn't in there, wait 5 minutes and try again. If you still encounter the error, check the group's comments and if there are users experiencing the same problem, there may be a problem with the bot. Please wait until we can resolve the issue affecting the bot.

Why are the prices different from the prices on the Community Market?
We do not directly pull prices from the community market. We use a different source for our prices to discourage price-fixing and stabilize price variance. Some items may be manually priced lower to encourage a healthy selection of items.

The bot has mobile authentication enabled. If you have not enabled authentication for at least 1 week, your items may be held in escrow for up to 3 days. Read more about escrow here.

Reserved items?
Skins with katowice 2014 holo skickers on it will automaticly get reserved and will be moved of to a storage account, you can't reserve items yourself for now. It could be that in the futere you will be able to take those skins out aswell but for now not.

Sticker bonus
Skins with expencive stickers such as all the katowice sticker (only the non holo) crown foil etc. are getting a sticker bonus, this means that some % of the sticker price is getting added to the weapon price on csgosell. This is 5% for the user side and 6% for the bot side.
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