STEAM 그룹 Bullsquidder
STEAM 그룹 Bullsquidder
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2021년 5월 19일
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We are a community of squids!

World's #1 #bullsquid Idle Game
How long can you last?
become the leader board.
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Love Co-op shooters? Checkout the game I work on
If you love you should checkout the game I work on.

During the Steam Winter Sale, from December 22 to January 5, The Anacrusis is on sale for 67% off the normal price!

This four player co-operative shooter has had more than 24 updates since launch – that's 2 a month!

The Anacrusis now contains:
  • Full Workshop support with an active modding community!
  • Get free seasonal items just for logging on during the sale period (all items are free! We have zero microtransactions)!
  • 17 Steam achievements with too many puns to count!
  • Full cross play with your friends on Xbox!
  • A new dynamic weapon generation system that generates thousands of weapons!
  • A free season pass to unlock cosmetics and dances!
  • A whole new episode!
  • A whole new game mode - Holdout!
  • Tons of new hit and death animations!
  • New Community-Made Episodes and Holdout Maps!

A year of squidding
Happy Squid Day!
One year ago today launched, there are gonna be some fun announcements this week as "squid week" goes on

Here's to another year squidders!

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평가 BullSquid.com개
"We will let you if there are bullsquids in the game"
다음은 님이 최근에 작성한 평가입니다.
댓글 182
Guy was taken 2023년 5월 28일 오후 7시 54분 
Eat headcrab
Kill headcrab zombie
literally me 2023년 5월 11일 오후 1시 34분 
live laugh love bullsquid
TheFreeman 2023년 5월 2일 오후 3시 03분 
These were worthy opponents until Valve, my creator took them away in hl2.
Also, all hail the bullsquid, not :headcrab:
[ThλtGenericPyro] 2023년 4월 26일 오전 10시 17분 
o h y e s
nikobellicfromgamebanana 2023년 4월 16일 오전 11시 28분 
bullchicken :)
line 2023년 4월 15일 오전 2시 09분 
bullsquid moment
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