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BotMassacre BotMassacre
22. september 2015
OM BotMassacre

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InsG | Sta1kERR 23. apr. kl. 11:21 
I need discord if you guys have
AEON 11. mar. kl. 9:40 
@Tonka I haven't seen this lately but yes some people do that, so silly.

I personally play a lot ENGINEER class. I never build barricades, I always drop Ammo for the team and IED Jammer, both together on the same spot, not blocking the path to others or blocking cover positions.

Problem is that other people playing engineer class spam barricades, and lot of times they block the path to others and block good fire positions. I hate this personally.

If it was on my hand to decide what an engineer can deploy or not, I will remove barricade building and leave just IED Jammers and Ammo bags.
Tonka (Tonk) 10. mar. kl. 2:16 
Once the bot count is down, they dismantle and move on to the next bot spawn point to do the same again. Once again, leaving the point with no defences or caches. I know this because I was spectating at the time. How many times do we see/hear players telling Medics to do their job!! And these are the same players who can't be bothered to help the rest of the team, I thought it was supposed to be a co-op game? These players are just out for their own ego ( look at how many kills I got ), yet it's the rest of the team who are doing the hard work. It's getting to be a joke.
Tonka (Tonk) 10. mar. kl. 2:16 
I'm seeing some of the same players taking Engy with no consideration for the team. I was playing last night, Engys just went and built themselves a nice little hidey-hole, dropped their caches and jammers - then, just spammed away. Meanwhile, the rest of the team are struggling with objectives. Once the point was taken, a counter.... great, no defences/resupply or jammers. Not once did they take an objective, they just sat there and spammed bot spawns. I was asking for defences, no response. However, when they died, they want the Medic to come and revive them! These players are taking Engy just for their own benefit. They head off to the next point, set up their little hole and wait for the original point to be taken. Then, either a counter or new point, they spam away.
Tonka (Tonk) 8. sep. 2022 kl. 3:33 
When Tonk last man standing, the IED bomber jam them self
Tonka (Tonk) 7. sep. 2022 kl. 1:47 
Tonka never eats Honey, he Chews Bees.
When Tonk is doing Push-Ups the Earth moves up and down
Tonka is more deadly when he launches himself into the Enemy instead of a Grenade
I just imagine Tonka sitting infront of the PC totally cool with a Pulse never over 80 in all that xD
I like the part of the film where he pulls out his silenced pistol and says
It's Tonkin' Time
Quotes from friends whilst playing as last man :)
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22. september 2015