BenDover's NCG Server BensNCG
BenDover's NCG Server BensNCG
November 9, 2014
ABOUT BenDover's NCG Server

Welcome to BenDover's NCG community!!

Welcome to Bendovers NCG community!

Do you like the smell of burned tyres and the sound of revving engins? Are you looking for a fair racing community? Your search is over.

We provide exciting races and hard battles for every position. We stand for clean wheel-to-wheel fights in the tightest chicanes and the highest speed straights. We drive 3 wide through turns, fighting for position.

The community welcomes every newcomer, and will show them the fastest way around the circuit. We also organise tournaments and endurance events with the best drivers in the world of NCG. If you have gasoline for blood, join us now!

Respect the rules, earn respect:

Forums are here:

Voice program:
We have stopped using Teamspeak! We have now moved to Discord instead.
You can download the program or just use it right in your browser.
You find the server here:
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Main and Folkrace server info! (New rotation)
  • Mixed3 short loop rev
  • tarmac1 short circuit
  • sandpit1 alt loop rev
  • mixed5 outer loop
  • santpit3 long loop
  • sandpit1 long loop
  • tarmac1 main circuit
  • sandpit2 full circuit
  • gravel1 main loop rev
  • tarmac2 main circuit
  • tarmac1 short circuit rev
  • ixed3 short loop
  • mixed5 inner loop rev
  • sandpit1 short loop
  • sandpit3 short loop
  • mixed3 long loop
  • mixed7 r3
  • tarmac2 main circuit rev
  • sandpit1 short loop rev
  • sandpit2 2
  • mixed5 inner loop
  • gravel1 main loop
  • mixed1 main circuit

For all of you folkracing fans, the Folkracing server is now up again. Sorry for the long wait. Have fun!

NCG Origins Multiclass Endurance!
The Important Details:
Date - Sunday, 18th of February 2018
Start Time - 6:30pm GMT
Cars - Speedbird A300 *and* KillerBee C144. Car tuning (gear length, suspension, etc.) and visual customisation is up to the driver.
Track - Gravel 1 Forward - Historic Track
Approximate Run Time - 40 minutes
Laps - 60
Damage - Normal
Server Password - TBA on the day

Rules & Guidelines
No Intentional Contact - this is a long race, so this is more important than ever. Server rules are still in effect.
Lapped Cars - please hold your line. A car moving in a straight line is easier to pass than one swerving over to one side of the road. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.
Drivers Lapping Others - if you catch a car who is to be lapped on a bend, please allow the driver to exit the turn before attempting to pass, unless there is ample room to do so. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.
Resetting - this will be turned on and can only be done once your car has come to rest for 5 seconds. If you receive another push while counting down the 5 seconds, you need to start over. Drivers coming to a stuck/upside down car that is on the racetrack, please path your way around it, do not right flipped cars.
Keep Calm - you have 60 laps to race through, and it will not be won on the first corner of the first lap. Please be courteous and careful when navigating the first two bends on the first lap. There is no rush, you have plenty of time to catch the guys over which you have a speed advantage.
Carry On - crashes and accidents happen, and if it does happen on lap 24, the race is still far from over. Pick yourself up, carry on and report any grievances to me at the end of the race. Don't take revenge, it's not worth it.

Upon Finishing:
Once you finish, I would like you to take note of the number of laps you have completed if you have not completed all 60 laps. You can simply put it in Steam chat, send them to me through Steam, or via PM on Discord. If you DNF, please ensure you record how many laps you finished so I can collate them and make a final scoreboard with as much detail as possible. Please try not to leave the server (as of writing this announcement) as players leaving mid race can crash the server.

Voice Chat:
We will be using voice chat in the server Discord channel. This is largely optional, but it is helpful if you are there as any information can be relayed to you directly and easily, and it helps when drivers start to lap each other. The server can be found through this invite link:

Confirmed Drivers:
1. Brian (Speedbird)
2. ! DeadlyDeal !
3. [GAS]Zaros Drahkiin
4. Laahhm (KillerBee)
5. H@ck3rm4n (KillerBee)
6. BenDover (Speedbird)
7. PsychOXRat (KillerBee)
8. BigPoppa_C (KillerBee)

Unconfirmed/Reserve Drivers

Brian Apr 10 @ 9:49am 
Why delete it? That's just like...your opinion, man
! DeadlyDeal ! Apr 10 @ 7:51am 
they will delete this but this server isnt clean racing...
☣Cybernetic Fox☣ Apr 7 @ 7:16am 
Well i join too hellow there :Listening:
BenDover | BensNCG Apr 4 @ 5:32am 
Glad to hear that Partella! Thanks for playing and making the server what it is today, for updates regarding the server where I use to update whats going on its easy to be on our discord, some updates comes out in the announcements here on the steamgroup aswell :)
Margh Norway Apr 3 @ 3:21pm 
Great to hear! It's my favourite server, thanks for hosting. :)
BenDover | BensNCG Apr 3 @ 10:57am 
Hey, I have been away and I had some problem with my comp so I needed to turn the server off for the weekend, they are up and running now :)
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November 9, 2014