Blood Bowl League of Australia a BBLANZ
Blood Bowl League of Australia a BBLANZ
June 16, 2016
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The Retirement Village
Many players competing in Blood Bowl are constantly under risk of being sacked, injured or even killed. So it is no small feat when any player should reach the end of a career and hang up the helmet. Below, you will find a link to the retirement village:

If you would like to submit a player to the Retirement Village please conduct the following. Take a screenshot of their retirement from in game (gotta be quick, it only pops up once), along with a short written tribute in the comments below.

Please keep the tributes to no more than 3 lines and record the players information in the following format:

Team name/race/player name/player position/date of retirement
Gypsy Jackaroos/Humans/Gypsy Killer/Blitzer/22 July 2020
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Za_Uvek Jul 21 @ 6:27pm 
Rapest Faceist/Human/Silver's Surfer's/Blitzer/5 March 2020

Rapiest Faciest was one of the original original BBLANZ players from the most senior team in the league. He smashed and killed his way to the top of level 7 without a scratch, he will not be forgotten.
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Za_Uvek Jul 21 @ 6:34pm 
Tan Trum/Human/Silver's Surfer's/Blitzer/4 March 2020

He might of only made it to level 6, but he was a Blitzer that could still do anything! Break people, carry the ball, run into the end zone for a last min catch, he is a hard player to say goodbye to.
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Spoonman Sep 21 @ 12:22am 
Gran'fagor/Chaos/North Star Blues/Beastman/20th September 2020

Gran'fagor was the fastest beastman to play blood bowl, while the rest of the Blues focused on bashing and killing he got the ball and ran in the TDs. Extra arm and extra head but unfortunately in the end, lost his manhood in dealing with the chaos gods.
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