Balancing Act Guild BA Guild
Balancing Act Guild BA Guild
April 17
ABOUT Balancing Act Guild

Now recruiting: Game giveaways on SG, simple rules with more gift & entry freedom

Status: Open to recruits and giveaways are live[] on

Life can be a balancing act, so we make things simple for our members to gift & win games as they choose and they can focus on just having fun! Meanwhile the guild leaders have a unique way of managing membership: When the guild's Average Entries get high we warn members, and later purge some members with the worst Value Difference :O

Joining the guild is simple:
1. Have more Sent than Won CV, or request further review (give the name of Steam groups where you have a positive Value Diff, etc).
2. Be Level 3 or higher on SG in good standing with SG/ST.
3. Post a comment to our recruit thread[] on SteamGifts when applying to our Steam group so we can easily verify your SG info, and feel free to include a meme...or don't - You be you
4. In 2 weeks: Create a group-only one time 20 Point or higher GA or two 15 Point or higher GAs that are not "No Value", post it in our General forum thread (members only), and have a verified winner for each GA. - Mitigates being a CV Negative Nancy after your 1st win. No other mandatory/monthly GAs!

Our rules for staying a member are relatively simple:
1. Be excellent to each other and follow SteamGifts' rules.
2. Please do not add any other group or whitelist to the group's GAs, this keeps our Average Entries stat in-tact used for managing membership.
3. Keep a positive "Value Difference" in our group (Sent minus Received CV) because each month we will remove one or more members with the worst negative Value Diff (Check it anytime in SG using the link in this group page's sidebar).
4. Be reasonable with your group GAs. (Don't post mostly GAs of no value, 1-5 points, <1 day, or level/region restrict stuff - That's what public GAs are for, lol)

Our Extra Purge Threshold is: 10 entries . If Average Entries is higher, we purge extra members based on [Average Entries]-[Extra Purge Threshold]

Tweaks to rules or Purge Threshold may occur in the future but will be transparent, and everything is at leaders' discretion: Announced through this page, the Steam Group's announcements & Mod Log forum, and/or leaders' group GAs, etc.

See full FAQ for details.
BA Guild: Monthly purges begin Sept 1
3. Keep a positive "Value Difference" in our group (Sent minus Received CV) because each month we will remove one or more members with the worst negative Value Diff (Check it anytime in SG using the link in this group page's sidebar).

So starting at the end of this month, the person with the worst negative Value Diff will be purged. Each month, another person with the worst neg VD will get it.

If Average Entries get higher than the Extra Purge Threshold of 10 (for now), then additional people will be purged equal to [Average Entries]-[Extra Purge Threshold]. Purging more than one will likely not happen this month, but could if there's enough high entry GAs.

On September 1st, we will have our first monthly purge. Check your group user stats here:

As of August 3rd, the lowest VD is -$260. All users with low VD have been personally warned.

For details on exactly what rule & process has changed, see our Moderation Log.

Thanks to everyone who has been creating giveaways, and I look forward to seeing VDs improve as we near our first monthly purge.


BA Guild: August contest and July results
July Featured Gifter contest:
Congrats to Geralt28 with the top score!

Final Top 5 Scores:
Geralt28 = 53
DinoFarce = 50
thoughtfulhippo = 49
Whitemage87 = 46
Amcestral = 39

Geralt28 selected S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat as their prize and is now "Player of the Week" on our Steam page.

August contest:

[/b]August's contest rewards a balance of high number of giveaways and high number of entries[/b]. It doesn't focus so much on high entries like last month did. The winner will receive one game outright from my gift inventory, and will be crowned the Steam group's "Player of the Week".

Some general rules:
-Only giveaways worth 6 points/$ each or higher will qualify
-For GAs ending between August 1 00:00 and August 30 23:59 Eastern Time.
-GAs and members must follow group rules to qualify, especially exclusive GAs, and the "be reasonable" rule where most of your GAs should not be no value, 1-5 points, region restricted, or <1 day long.
-Tiebreaker will first use increased decimal places for the formula, then the users' Value Diff in the group.

It will use this formula:
1000 * (Group Average Entries - [ (Total group entries-Total # entries for your month's GAs) / (Total group GAs sent-Your # of month's GAs) ] )

The formula basically determines how much your GAs for the month positively contribute to overall Average Entries.

If this formula was used last month: The winner would've had 7 giveaways with an average of 21 entries each, and second place would've had 16 giveaways with an average of 11 entries each.

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