The Fighting TTLGers ArmaTTLG
The Fighting TTLGers ArmaTTLG
September 22, 2013
Thirith Sep 13, 2014 @ 10:18am
Update TTLG-CWR2 sessions (from mid-September 2014 onwards)
It's finally happened: CWR2 is out of beta and into release. Yay!

This means that from now on we'll be playing with the latest version of the mod. You can download it as well as all the associated add-ons (maps and units) here:

Please make sure that you've got *all the additional maps and units*, since many of the missions require them.

In addition, the following mods are required:

- ACRE (and any other mods that ACRE needs to work)
- The British Armed Forces, Private Military Company and Army of the Czech Republic DLCs (Lite versions should suffice)

Another important change: rather than hosting and playing on the same PC, I'll be using my second PC as a dedicated server, both for Arma and Teamspeak 3. Due to the way my network at home is set up, the exact IP is likely to change from session to session; therefore I suggest that we first meet on Steam chat so I can share the IP for TS3 and Arma with you.

The server uses version 1.62; please make sure that your Arma 2 setup works with this. It seems to work fine with ACRE. There are still some problems with respect to sthud; I'm working on solving these.

Looking forward to playing on setup with all of you!

P.S.: As always, if you want to bring anyone to a session, this should be fine. I can't say how many players the server can deal with, but it looks like it should be fine for up to six players.
P.P.S.: If you have any suggestions for missions or other addons, please let me know!
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Thirith Sep 20, 2014 @ 9:41am 
Update 20/9/14: We're playing with v1.62; if you're on 1.63 and try to connect, it won't work. This also means that sthud is having problems, but I'm working on this.
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