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August 8, 2007
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Willzter Dec 6, 2017 @ 3:12am
Want to earn 80-ish bucks a month with bitcoin? Add me!
So as you probably know, bitcoin's value has skyrocketed recently. I'm looking for people with decent PCs to help me mine just through leaving your computer on.

Now I know this seems fishy. Trust me, I thought it was too. The reason I'm advertising this is because the link below will make you my affiliate, and 10% of your profits I'll get (which you obviously won't lose). I feel like in return for telling you about this, an equal tradeoff is to sign up with my link, which will then help me out. You'll also get a 1mBTC bonus (0.001 of a bitcoin, which is currently worth $12!) for free. Just thought I'd mention this to make my proposal a little more trustworthy.

Below is a large guide as to how you'll go about this, it's long but not too confusing. Should you get stuck or need a tl;dr - just add me.

If you ever need help, feel free to contact me via steam:

Click here to sign up <—-
Click ”Sign up” at the top menu
Fill in your email address and a password
After logging in from the main menu tab press ”Profile” then ”Payment Settings”. You will need to provide a bitcoin wallet address. I personally use electrum wallet, you can google it, download it and set it up within minutes.

Once logged in, click the “CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SMART MINER” link under your avatar on the website or use this download link.
You’ll be downloading “Computta_windows-x64.exe” at a reasonable 65.6MB.
I had to install to the default directory as clicking “Browse” made the installer crash.
Keep clicking “Next” and wait for it to finish installing. Once it has finished, ensure you select:
“[x] Run Computta” and click “Finish”
Now here’s the benchmark section. Before clicking “Start Benchmark”ensure that your PC isn’t running programs or games in the background. Your PC may become very slow during the benchmark as it stresses your system to 100% to see what its capabilities are.
Once finished you’ll then have to enter your account details that you used to make your account earlier.
… AND THAT’S IT, you’re ready to start mining. Click “Start earning > >” to begin. Also, remember that the following benchmark is calculated in USD.

When you’ve installed and set up Computta, you’ll see the main mining screen.
The settings are fairly straight forward, but my recommendation is to select “Smart” and then go into “Advanced settings”. Here you’ll see how you can edit when your PC will start mining and how intensely it will run.
Set your away time in minutes first. 1 min of no use will maximise your earnings while ensuring your PC runs smoothly when you’re using it.

The next two sliders represent how you will mine when you’re using your computer. The last two sliders determine how intensely the PC runs when left alone.

If running this on a family members PC, I definitely recommend:
5 minutes away time
0% CPU and GPU usage on the first two sliders.
50% CPU and 100% GPU in the second sliders.
This way you won’t get angry text from them asking why their PC doesn’t run well anymore.
My Settings:
1 minute away time
0% CPU and 100% GPU on the first sliders.
50% CPU and 100% GPU on the second sliders.

For my PC, I’m running a Plex server so I still require around half my CPU power to send movies to my lounge room and phone, but you may want it to run 100% on your CPU for more profit. I definitely recommend setting your GPU to 100% as this will be your biggest earner!!! You’ll note that I’m running my GPU 100% ALL THE TIME. This is on purpose as my PC is still very responsive on the desktop when the cards are in full use. When I want to play games, I just click the “Off” button on the main screen, game away, then return it to the “Smart” setting after. This ensures that while I’m just web browsing (or writing this very Steemit story) I’m not stopping my PC from earning me money.

Note: Please use a program like MSI Afterburner to check your CPU and GPU temperatures to ensure your PC won’t overheat during mining. You may need to turn your fans up, or only run at 90% or less if you’re hitting 80deg or higher. This is especially important for laptops as they generally have less efficient cooling capabilities.

Thanks guys!
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