15 januari 2012
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Saref 15 aug 2018 om 4:29 
Hi everbody! Why do you have such bad feedback? I wrote all (!) the admins of your servers, but there was no answer, really I can't contact any admin?
LeDosh 12 aug 2018 om 5:20 
The Nmrih casual server is down whats going on?
Enigma 2 aug 2018 om 10:06 
the orange server (cp_orange_5bo) work? Can i get a IP?
Lily 2 nov 2016 om 6:17 
HACKER ON MARIO KART II SERVER! | Sleip 14 mei 2016 om 7:51 
I think the reason for losing so much players ist that TF2 is dying, most of the players play now CSGO, have a look at the steam stats. The cheat system is the same as before 3 years.

We will shut down the servers in some months, because it is useless for now. It was a great time, but it's over.
M00 1 apr 2016 om 11:36 
Now im someone who's playing on Mario Kart v 20 for a fucking long time and through the time i was witnissing that the mario kart 5bo server's are loosing a lot of player's. When i started playing on 5bo mario kart server's they were always full of player's and now ? Sometimes there are about 20 player's and below. I don't really know the reason but it seems for me its the rank system (which is annoying) or the crappy anty cheat system on the server. Like really, there are a lot of hacker's who come on mario kart and are not getting banned. It's really sad seeing the mario kart server's going down, i miss the old time with all of those f2p's running around and not having any idea whats going on :D. If you guys from the 5bo team could change anything to get more player's back on mario kart, would it be awsome to have them server's in there good old glory from them good old time's.
Thank's for reading,
youre mario kart tryhard.