59th Jailbreak Public Group [JB] Public
59th Jailbreak Public Group [JB] Public
July 22, 2015
ABOUT 59th Jailbreak Public Group

♔ Welcome to the Public Group for all 59th Jailbreak Public players! ♔


- Punching and kicking guards or destructible items is not a killable offence.

Those breaking items with a weapon can be killed for having a visible weapon. Those breaking items leading to win can be killed for (attempting to) escape.

- Guards may not kill prisoners for past crimes (in previous rounds or seconds after they commited one).

- Guards may kill prisoners on a direct path towards the Win Point. However, prisoners cannot be killed for delaying or hiding, unless the Warden has ordered otherwise.

- During non-live rounds, guards cannot kill prisoners freely. When the Warden calls for a free day, however, prisoners can be killed under the normal rules.

- Guards may not camp Win. They cannot kill prisoners who have reached the Win point.

- Guards must state a reason after killing a prisoner for any reason. No reasons are required to be given during or after an Order 66.

- Guards may not stab, punch or kick prisoners at random.


- Any prisoner holding a weapon may be killed if it is drawn. Visible weapons that are not held by a prisoner at the time have to be warned for before killing.

- Any prisoner with holding a gun, or with a visible gun on their body, may be killed without warning.

- All players are to listen to and follow the admins' orders. Their decision on a matter is final. If you have an issue with that decision, report it on the forum (

- If a prisoner is killed within 0.5 seconds of dropping a weapon, the guard kill is allowed. Should the guard kill the prisoner after this 0.5 second gap, he will be considered to have Accidentally RDMed the prisoner.


- No players or admins are allowed to use the chat in a way that disrupts the server. This includes spamming, trying to antagonise players, trying to mislead others into breaking the rules, and so on.

- Only the 59th Regiment of Foot may recruit on 59th Jailbreak.

- Glitching or abusing bugs/flaws in the game or any map is prohibited. Mods are allowed as long as they are cosmetic and do not impact gameplay. Examples of such permitted mods are the cheer and dab mods.

- Players may not swap back to their original team after being swapped by an admin.

-Trying to evade punishment via leaving the server will result in a permanent ban.

-Should you find a severe case of RDM or warden abuse with no admin at the scene, gather evidence (preferably screenshots -default key F12- or video) and report them at the website (

Rules for alternate gamemodes will be announced at the start of every round by the admin in charge so pay attention

Also please refrain posting anything about unban requests, admin applications, player/admin reports etc on this steamgroup; instead use the links directly below
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Jailbreak Rebirth (possible)
Come hang out with your best JB pals
59th Jailbreak Public Group reviews
"The game that has been blessed with the fortune of having Jailbreak being hosted for it: M&B Warband: Napoleonic Wars"
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Blue Sep 11 @ 2:53pm 
Sorry boys, but JB is dead for the foreseeable future. We should have an official announcement up soon as to discuss the situation, but in the meantime join our sparkling new discord: to keep in touch with all your JB friends!
EcuntR Sep 11 @ 11:29am 
No jailbreak today?
Lorne Malvo Sep 11 @ 11:10am 
The plan continues...
[2tesGFR] EuroPalette Sep 11 @ 9:14am 
Where is le server. I need my daily dose JB pls.
[ESAT] alfrenep ♠ Sep 11 @ 5:05am 
Requiestac In Pace
Dear Uncle Sam Sep 10 @ 11:27pm 
RIP original 59th Jailbreak, JB story is aint over tho...
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July 22, 2015