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October 3, 2010
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13-thirtyseven Modded Server Tutorial
Welcome to the 13-thirtyseven modded server!

We have tried to create a modpack that includes a little something for everyone.
  • Some of our featured mods include IC2, Thermal Expansion, Immersive Engineering, Thaumcraft, dungeon mod, Open Computers, AE2, and custom terrain generation!
  • Our world has been generated using OTG, which has a great variety of different biomes and makes the world seem a lot bigger and more unique!
  • We have removed some overpowered items and disabled most auto-mining to prevent griefing and keep the game better balanced.
  • We have a Mining Dimension that will reset every week, which has a slightly higher concentration of ores.
  • Ores tend to generate in large "veins" which is intended to be more realistic and immersive. This means it will be hard to find large quantities of ores until you find one of these veins.

  • Currency:
    • We have an in-game currency: 1337Bucks!
    • It is acquired through mining an ore called Raritanium, and selling it at spawn.
    • 1337Bucks can be used to buy and sell items through player shops.
  • Teleportation:
    • You might notice that we have disabled the /spawn command and removed most methods of teleportation.
    • Instead, we have decided to use Waystones which allow players to fast travel around the world.
    • These Waystones can be found at Spawn and in any Village.
    • Once activated, they allow you to teleport to any other waystone you have previously found!

We also have some more advanced Tips & Tricks

We hope you enjoy playing on our Minecraft server!
Make sure to read the Server Rules before joining.

You can download the pack and try it out by downloading it from this link.[]

Our officially-sanctioned voice chat can be found HERE[]

If you have any questions, please ask any of our admins or mods.
  • 1n5aN1aC
  • scr43m0
  • RampageSi
  • MealT6
  • More admins / mods to come!
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