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October 3, 2010
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13-thirtyseven Modded Server Rules
  1. Admins have final say in rule enforcement and shall not be questioned.


  1. Join this steam group. ('13-thirtyseven Forums')
  2. Apply to be whitelisted in the whitelisting forum. (Start a new Discussion here)
    You must include the following:
    • Your Minecraft Username.
    • Say you have read and agree to the rules.
      • Describe your prior 13-thirtyseven experience.
      • --OR--
      • The Minecraft Username/SteamID of at least one current member who vouches for you. (You do not need this if you have played on a 13-thirtyseven server in the past)
    • Say your favorite number is 42. If you do not say that, we will assume you have not read these rules.
  3. If you listed a current member to vouch for you, we will then reach out to them to see if they do indeed vouch for you. If your account is permanently banned, any accounts who vouched for your whitelisting may also be banned, depending on severity of your rule-breaking.
  4. Now you can download the modpack launcher from this link.[]


  1. No griefing. (Purposefully damaging anything another player has built)
  2. No hacks/cheats/exploits.
  3. No unauthorized mods. If you think a mod should be whitelisted, let us know by requesting it here.
  4. Do not try to crash or lag the server. This includes excessive mob spawners, animal breeding, redstone, etc.
  5. No offensive builds, names or skins.
  6. Do not use multiple accounts. Also, only one person allowed per account.
  7. Do not leave any 1x1 towers or floating trees.
  8. Do not interact with named animals that aren't yours.


  1. Treat everyone with respect.
  2. No spamming, scamming, gibberish, or hate speech.
  3. No threatening to hack, DDOS, or otherwise attack the server or other players.
  4. No asking for OP or begging for free items.
  5. No unapproved links.
  6. Please try to keep public chat to English where possible.
  7. Do not attempt to do a moderator's job or threaten to punish players for breaking the rules. Report incidents (with proof!) directly to admins.
  8. No doxing (sharing of others' personal information like social media accounts, etc.)


PVP is optional, and can be turned on/off by going to client settings -> my server settings.
  1. No badgering players to turn on PVP, or attempting to damage players with PVP off.
  2. No trapping spawns, waypoints, or beds.
  3. If you are killed and you had PVP turned on, there is no obligation for your items to be returned.


  1. No traps allowed in public areas, especially shop areas.
  2. Automated farms and animal farms may be limited/destroyed by the admins if they cause lag.
  3. If you give someone access to your claims and they grief/steal from you, you will not be reimbursed. Only allow people you trust to have access to your claims.
  4. Griefing and stealing from claims is not allowed.
  5. Do not use claims to harass other players. This includes making small empty claims or building claimed walls, pits, lava flows or other obstacles around other claims. It also includes claiming unclaimed land in the middle of someone else’s land.
  6. Do not grief unclaimed land directly around other player’s claims. Yes it’s unclaimed, but if what you are doing is obviously grief or intended to annoy or hinder the claim owner, you will get in trouble. The exact distance from a claim that constitutes claim griefing is determined at the discretion of the admins for each individual case.

  1. All person-to-person trades (drop trades) are done at the risk of the player. You will not be reimbursed if you are scammed or your dropped items are stolen.
  2. Use the Shop plugin endorsed at spawn (CalemiUtils) for best results.
  3. Trading in-game items for real-life items or money is not allowed.
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