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April 28, 2015
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Buzz Aug 24, 2017 @ 6:39am
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Buzz Aug 24, 2017 @ 6:39am 
General THAB Server Rules
  • Treat all players with respect. When talking with others, act like they are sitting right next to you.
  • Absolutely no trolling, flame-baiting, bullying, harassment or racism. We have a zero tolerance for this, and offenders will be removed from the server.
  • Absolutely no cheating, including the use of speedhacks, wallhacks, texture manipulation, aimbots and gamemode/map exploits.
  • Please follow staff instructions. If you have an issue with how a staff member has handled a particular situation, let us know through a forum post.
  • No mic or chat spam.
  • Avoid overly obscene language as well as obscene, graphic or sexually oriented sprays.
Buzz Aug 24, 2017 @ 6:40am 
From the author, @

=====================Final Frontier=====================
Final Frontier is a Gamemode originaly created by Metapyziks to mimic FTL: Faster Than Light. You play as a single crew member who is meant to work with other crew members to fight other ships. You must control various systems and keep the ship running.

The transporter is a system found in the Rear-Left of the ship. It allows the player to teleport in objects from space, and teleport to oposing ships. The teleporter can only enter other ships through a room that is not shielded. This is also the room that the player spawns in.

Weapons are controlled by the room in the center of the ship. This allows the player to shoot at other ships, given that they have a weapon in the weapon slots found at the bottom of each ramp. The weapon must charge up first before it can be fired. When a ship gets hit by a weapon, the side of the ship you hit does affect the rooms that are hit. When hit, a room will absorb the damage through the shield. Once the shield fails, the room's modules will then begin to take damage, and must be repaired.

=======================Med Bay========================
This room is found in the Back-Left side of the ship. It is a simple room. As long as it has power, and a working module, the room will slowly heal any players that are inside.

The Shields room is located in the middle, rear of the ship, connecting the Transporter and Life Support rooms. Here, the player may adjust any room's shields and set them to any level, allowing one to preserver power in one section of the ship, should a shortage occur. It also allows for sabatoge in the event an oponenet manages to get onto the ship.

The Reactor control room allows control over power distribution throughout the ship. In the case of a power shortage, the player may control which rooms retain power so that they may continue to function.

Sensors allow the player to scan the area around them. This picks up any debris (modules) that are floating around in space, as well as Enemy Ships that are outside of the imediate, "Low Range", Sensor radius.

The Piloting room allows control of the ship through space. The player is able to click anywhere on screen and the ship will begin accelerating in that direction. Right-Clicking tells the ship to come to a stop.

======================Door Control======================
...It controls the doors...

======================Life Support=======================
The Life Support room allows for the player to control which rooms get oxygen/heat. This allows players to set traps in their ship by locking doors and draining oxygen in rooms without shields.

The Engineering room has 2 slots that allow modules to be placed in. There are 3 options the player can press. Compare, Splice, and Transcribe. Comparing tells the player if 1 of 2 of the same type of modules is more efficient than the other. This depends on how close to the "Optimal Grid" the squares are, which is set randomly at initialization. Splice will take any missing (Red) squares and replace them with a corrisponding green or blue square from the other. Transcribe will do the opposite, copying any from one, and replacing green or blue from the other.
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