-VK- Viking Competitive -VK- Chiv
-VK- Viking Competitive -VK- Chiv
April 28, 2015
ABOUT -VK- Viking Competitive

From the ashes...

Disbanded: 28/04/15 - 14/02/16

Due to internal, childish, unneccesary drama, the 2nd VK group disbanded, meaning a 3rd one is born.

At Viking, we don't just recruit good players and win scrims. It's a community of friends looking to improve but also enjoy themselves while playing the game. We look for;

1. Maturity
2. Communication
3. Dedication

Dedication dosen't neccesarily mean constant playing of the game, just respect for your clanmates and the scrims that we organize. If you are interested in joining, contact any VK member.

-VK- Officially Disbands; it's been a good one boys (14/02/2016)
End of the VK Era (2012-2016)

This rendition of VK started on April 28th (2015) @ 5:49pm. Mod'tits and Uber'tits chose to disband the previous VK in order to remove players such as myself, Ondros, Arsy and Myth. I rebuilt the group in respect to my former clanmates that had been cast aside. We would grow to be one of the biggest and most stable clans in the EU scene at the time - crushing those who had tossed us aside. VK Duelyards had become a breeding ground for salt and competitivity; an extremely large part of the FT10 culture came from these battlegrounds. The clan became a great flagstone as a link between the competitive scene and the pubs; many VK players would show their skills and many players came to us for an introduction into the scene, whether they joined us or were pointed to another clan.

As shitters, our first "main team" was GIRU, Rick, Izildur, Cass and Rise. After success with our baby scrims and in which we had a great time, VK showed actual promise. Shortly after, Crush and Dusty joined in order to carry us for a month or so, before leaving us to our own devices.

Many of our victories include the brutalization of the weak and unfaithful groups of Mod/Uber'tits leading to one of their many disbandments. The crushing of Clash over the battle for Vanilla & Mercs which forced to to reform with a new leader in order for them to accept the mod, and the raping of Brotherhood which left their entire clan traumatized to any kind of shit talk during competitive play. Around this time i begun to start recruiting newer players in order for the competitive scene to thrive, and attempted the (evil diabolical) transition to Mercenaries Mod.

At the time nobody played Mercs unless you yourself were a top-tier clan scrimming Cavemen or some other rendition of Sophax/Crush team. The EU scene was extremely dead in comparison to NA who had fully adopted mercs into their competitive standard. It was a hard battle to transition EU to mercs - many bumps and walls had to be breached. Many arguements were had, people had to be trolled, many people had to quit the game in order for this change to happen. VK was reason alone people converted to mercs mod, i take full credit for that on behalf of the clan. Nobody from the old competitive EU scene would be playing a Mercs MGA tournament with the mindsets and attitudes that we had to break in order the scene to evolve. Some notable lost remnants of the change are people like Masterpiece and Punkhest, forever to roam the pubs and gloat over their loss.

VK was strong even after the departure of Crush and Dusty, with our best players being Rise, Milan, Evilsouls, Rick, Kian and Shard. VK also boasted some of the best archers in the game; King, Cass and Corsaier. Slowly our playerbase and interest in the game began to dwindle until our slow but inevitable disband. It was an extremely rare occasion to have the best players in VK playing together all at the same time. We didn't disband due to salt or internal stress, but merely due to the dying interest in a dying game. VK was more than just a clan, it was a community of "friends". Only time will tell if we are going to see a re-iteration in the future.


Midas - The most loyal, hardworking and dedicated player to have graced this group. Picked up from the ruins of VQ, Midas organized at least over half of our scrims and worked extensively to keep relations with other clans, when it had all but failed with myself. He was always there to be a carry vs other clans, and continually improved in skill during his time in the clan - couldn't have asked for a better administrator.

Rise & Milan - These two lovers were two of VK's best players and also gave our teamspeak the life and joy it needed. The cornerstone of the ship sinking is undoubtedly due to when this duo began to dwindle.

Nub & Hodor - Brought their own meme language to our humble community. Late night pugs and wallowing around in the duelyard wasn't the same without these two fascinating chivalry memers.

Triblex, Liche, Skl3ros, Mine Turtle & Frank - For being the prodigies that made me believe that the whole recruit program had been a success, thank you guys for your dedication to improving.

Cass, Kian, Rick - For being the salty shits that gave VK the bad name and reputation we deserved. Cass was one of the first people i asked to join when i started up the group and he brought Dazz along with him. Credits to Kian and Rick for trying to steal VK members after many of their temper tantrum clan rage-quits, and for being the egotistical boys that define the EU scene for what it truly is.

Arikado, Myth, KING - These guys not only restored my faith in the French (tarnished by players such as Ouille and Pastor Lopez), but caused me to respect all baguettes worldwide. Myth, probably the only competitive controller player in all of Europe, had a unique defensive playstyle that could only be attributed to him. Ari, with his whacky polehammer Kendo destruction, and KING, with his big shield boyyy and bik crossbow archurr.

Izildur & Salim - Izildur for being the mentor me and Frank needed, but didn't deserve. These two (aswell as myself) defined the VK style messer playstyle, which would cause many complaints and tears about the sensational beyblading we players could put out on enemy shitters.

Falldown - For being our rat-on-demand

Evilsouls - One of VK's most mysterious and best players; refused to come on Teamspeak, fix his internet and play consistently. May he rest in peace - nobody knows for certain where he went or what he's doing, anything we know of him is but a rumor. He is sorely missed.

Zathel & Ondros - Ondros had been in VK longer than i had played Chivalry, being recruited by Shard himself back in 2012-13. He was the only reason i could use the -VK- tag without being a scandalous ripoff artist. Zathel; it's not easily possible to cover the extent in which Zathel changed all of our lives. His legend is far to vast for a single man to cover by writing alone. But what can be said is that he will forever be remembered, and was one of the many great aspects of the VK community.

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