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Welcome to the Official Steam Community Group for Zombie Panic! Source.

Dive into the zombie apocalypse with Zombie Panic! Source: a cooperative, survival-horror first-person-shooter. One of the most popular Half-Life 2 modifications of all time.
Choose your team as the undead or a survivor. Enjoy their unique abilities, weapons, and challenges in this high-paced, action-packed thriller.

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We've rolled out the third patch for Zombie Panic! Source v3.1 - focusing on achievement fixes, client and server crashes, game balance and map adjustments, bug fixes, and more! Server owners must update their servers to receive the latest changes.

Highlighted Changes
New ZP Options
We've added more Zombie Panic! options based on community feedback regarding the number of door & player gibs, and the ability to toggle Zombie Teammate glow and objective notification displays. We will also be adding an option to adjust the color of the classic ammo bank in an upcoming patch.

Be sure to double-check these options and others you feel could improve your gameplay in Game Options > Zombie Panic! Options > Misc.

Game Balance
With the release of today's update, players will notice improvements to the Survivors' arsenal with respect to Shotgun spread, base damage, and damage drop off - to be more intuitive and more reliable. The Magnum has been nerfed with an increase in its damage drop off - requiring a Normal Zombie to be within about 680 hammer units distance to be killed with one headshot.

Movement speeds have received adjustments in order to better balance them. Survivor walking and panic speeds have been made slightly faster, and stamina regenerates slightly slower. There will also now be a delay before stamina begins to regenerate after pressing walk or crouch. Zombies Feed-O-Meter will regenerate faster now. Normal Zombies also got a slight boost to their base speed, to keep the Carrier from outrunning them too much.

Several official maps have also received significant balance changes. We'll continue making more tweaks based on your feedback!

Voice Proximity
This feature has been requested by a few people in past years and already implemented into the game in v3.0 for Hardcore mode. Some people would prefer to hear voice communication based on your location rather than listening to the whole team everywhere. Therefore, we decided to build on the existing option and create a separate CVAR command for server owners to set voice proximity in their servers without enabling Hardcore mode.

Now let's dive into the full list of changes below!

Update Notes
  • Added new "CBreakableProp" class which is a child of "CBaseEntity".
  • Added "CBreakableProp.SetBreakable( bool state )" to set breakable state on props.
  • Added "Globals.SetCustomCarrierArmsPushForce( float flForce )", "Globals.SetCustomHandsPushForce( float flForce )" and "Globals.SetCustomZombieArmsPushForce( float flForce )" to set the Carrier arms, Survivors hands and Zombies arms push force respectively.
    SIDENOTE: Enabling this will mark the server as "Custom" and disable achievements progression.
  • Re-added "admin unban <steamid3>" CVAR command.
  • Fixed console variables registers.
  • Added CVAR "cl_zps_gibs_life_time" (range = [0;20]) that controls the time in seconds before door/player gibs fade out (default = 20). If set to 0, don't spawn player/doors gibs.
  • Fixed progress based achievements not working properly.
  • Fixed clients not downloading Workshop items whose IDs wouldn't fit a 32 bits integer.
  • Fixed map not being changed when round state is "Waiting For Players".
  • Players can no longer join the Zombie team when all lives are used (they will join as Spectator instead).
  • Fixed Carrier role cycling to other dead Zombies.
  • Fixed players being able to Zombie skip by reconnecting and late joining as Survivor.
  • Fixed snow ball and tennis ball dealing armor damage.
  • Fixed Zombie Vision highlighting fatigue on Zombies.
  • Fixed some sounds muting background music.
  • Potential fixes for score manager crash on Linux Dedicated Servers.
  • Potential fixes for flashlight/weapons highlight/Zombie Vision issues.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Increased Zombie Feed-O-Meter regeneration speed.
  • Increased Normal Zombie base movement speed slightly (162).
  • Reduced Stamina regeneration speed.
  • Increased Survivor walk speed slightly.
  • Added a delay to when stamina regeneration starts after walking or crouching.
  • Increased Panic cooldown to 55 seconds.
  • Increased Panic duration to 5 seconds.
  • Increased Panic movement speed slightly (206).
  • Changed consecutive idle (camping) sound delay from 15 to 20 sec.
  • All Shotguns now share the same base damage.
  • Drastically reduced the spread on all Shotguns.
  • Reduced all Shotguns damage drop off. (They now do damage at longer distances.)
  • Increased Magnum damage drop off. (One headshot kills on Normal Zombies now only possible within about 680 hammer units distance.)
  • Increased Shotgun and Magnum weight.
  • Changes to AK47, Keyboard, Winchester and empty hands view models (fixing sound and other clipping/visual bugs).
  • Fixed missing texture on Winchester's shells.
  • Aquatica
    • Added some fences outside to indicate where to go.
    • Added better vent shortcuts beacons for Zombies.
    • Increased "Antivirus receive" brush trigger.
    • Increased random chance to activate easter egg.
    • Fine tuned melee weapons around the map.
    • Fixed dynamic Zombie respawn timer.
    • Fixed the boat randomly disappearing.
    • Fixed boat leaving without the Antivirus.
    • Made roof outside event teleport better after explosion.
    • Removed Survivors 'have to be on boat to win' check.
    • Overall map optimization.
  • Harvest
    • Added a Kevlar vest in the house.
    • Added an extra rifle/shotgun ammo box in the house.
    • Buffed the reward for doing objectives.
    • Fixed bad clipping at the tunnel.
    • Reduced the broadcast starting time by 30 seconds.
  • Frozenheart
    • Added a new Zombie spawn in a store shop building.
    • Fixed players being able to go to the roof area earlier.
    • Fixed crate not spawning boards and barricade hammer.
    • Updated Zombie spawn timers and locations.
  • Tanker
    • Added Survivor clip in front of the boat to prevent players from not doing objectives.
    • Fixed players being able to surf on the water without taking damage.
    • Fixed a bed prop fading too close.
    • Overall balance changes to ammo and weapon spawns.
  • Others
    • Changed Zombie respawn delay dynamically on Subway.
    • Updated ammo and weapon spawns on Blackout.
    • Fixed a clipping spot on Town.
Point Score System
  • Buffed suicide penalty.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between score/kills. (Scores being added to kills, and vice-versa.)
  • Fixed score and assists not being reset when client reset.
  • Fixed suicide not subtracting a kill.
  • Reduced Carrier reward for respawning Zombie using roar.
  • Reduced Survivor prop/melee and generic kills Zombie multipliers.
  • Reduced Zombie prop and generic kills Survivor multipliers.
  • Removed reward for using green inoculator on yourself.
  • The Scoreboard can now be viewed during the End Round Results screen.
  • Added CVAR "cl_zps_hud_draw_badge_reward_announcements" to show/hide the badge rewards (on by default)
  • Fixed "timeleft" showing negative values.
  • Fixed some broken English tips.
  • Potential fix for server browsers related crashes when the Steam API instance is down.
  • Added more Contributors as BOT nicknames.
  • BOTs and SourceTV can no longer earn achievements.
  • Updated contributors list on Credits.

As usual, we'll continue to work on fixing the remaining game bugs, technical and visual, in the coming weeks. We're planning to release a small Christmas update to wrap up 2020 in good shape, and afterwards take a small break from development. Don't worry, we still will be accepting feedback and working at a slow pace during the holidays, and afterwards beginning to release monthly patches more consistently.

Happy gaming,
Zombie Panic! Team
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