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  • Restored old starting scenario, with minor updates for BBQ game systems.
  • New starting scenario now available on Brutal difficulty only.
  • Added difficulty selection dialog when starting a new game.
  • Assorted minor fixes, including some possible mission blockers.

Interface notes

  • Players with high res displays may wish to increase UI Scale. See: Options > Interface Options

Developer notes

  • BBQ Part II is making slow progress, but is nowhere near ready.
  • 2018 marks Zigfrak's 10th development anniversary. Carpe diem, kids.
  • Development and build environment moved from Mac to Windows. I *think* everything worked?
  • Built with Unity 5.6.3p2
  • Loot Code KRT2-9DL3-V23L expires January 14, 2019. Redeem for a rather larger pile of flax.
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