VRChat Patch 0.12.0p11

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Zpo Feb 14 @ 8:40am 
Prros d mrdd :v::
Demoneye425 Feb 12 @ 5:52pm 
i cant get in it says its not responding:steamsad:
terminate Feb 10 @ 12:57pm 
Ukacip Feb 4 @ 11:59pm 
Ukacip Feb 4 @ 11:59pm 
Its literally roblox in Vr exept vr is waaay more fun
Konpeito Feb 3 @ 1:54pm 
vr chat is fun great work dev team. appreciate some of the patching and what not. Though i am excited for more significant updates, like maybe steam workshop for room and avatar building/access. Maybe something like how don't starve/DST does it? or garry's mod? i don't know. good luck though
IllicitTube48 Feb 3 @ 9:28am 
Well this game was better is still is but just with a single patch button made it worse huh?
Reku-Silv-Hatake Feb 3 @ 12:00am 
I hope they fix a problem where if you teleport to a different world with the avatar. It resets and causes the avatar to revert back to the default. I can't even use an avatar without it resetting to the default on me. And they should try and add support for older machines. Since the game lags on me alot. But all in all, its a great game and i love it so far. Can't wait for new features to be added.
Liquid Snake Feb 2 @ 6:29pm 
32 bits patch pls:steamsad: