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UnReal World version 3.50 (stable) released

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Panther 10 hours ago 
I think you lot are amazing to keep supporting this game. I discovered it long ago, and it's been a staple for many years now.

It exposed me to a quote that has never since left me..
"The world will surely teach one if nothing else than to walk slowly."

Best wishes.
Mathane Apr 21 @ 12:17pm 
GJ! I' m also looking to that domestic ones give birth, so we can even have a herd and trade with villagers.
Llamageddon Apr 17 @ 5:06am 
I think that the old rituals had more climatic names.
Krampus Apr 16 @ 1:20pm 
I love you.
Enormous Elk  [developer] Apr 10 @ 10:20am 
Oh well, whatever is done and released somebody is disappoointed, somebody is whining, and somebody is happy. We listen to the players, but don't add features based on who shouts the loudest or merely based on demand. For years it has been also suggested that the game should be based in ancient china for example, and also have indians, and post apocalyptic setting too, with zombies, and some sort of rifles or shotguns at least.
Those who want the marriage badly are a minority and maybe not even aware that we had marriage back in the day, but it's not the essence of UnReal World. Still it's planned, but so are thousand of other things. Marriage poll and discussion here:
Yandayixia Apr 8 @ 7:29pm 
@Ganja the Barman He is absolutely correct. It's not a matter of being grateful or not, it's a matter of the audience point out the dev's lack of ability to recognize priorities and how much they listen to the will of the audience. The fanbase has been demanding those more desired features for years, and the dev just refrain from prioritizing the task corrrectly
winteriscoming Apr 8 @ 10:05am 
Its the UI I think. If I could point n click with options apearing like in Rimworld say.. Thats what is keeping me from playing just to many buttons to do little things lots of effort not the fun kind.. I hope you make better controls its holding it back bigtime and it looks like a great game. Dont wait too long others are making similiar games Id like to see you really succeed here! But your game you can do as you please but it keeps me from playing.
mead Apr 6 @ 5:33pm 
Thank you for this great update. You are awesome Sami !
Ganja the Barman Apr 4 @ 7:32am 
@Master of Survival Your parents think that you are disappointing as well, but they don't go fully out and tell you, yes? Be quiet and think about what you're saying before you talk. This game is being developed by a very small team with time constraints I'm sure. Be happy with what they give us and I'm sure with time the game will be even greater. You can find earlier versions of the game with plenty of mods that expand the game even more, such as the Shaman mod. For now though, you should keep your mouth shut.
Master of Survival Apr 3 @ 2:01pm 
What a disappointing Update!

I really hope you are now done with this
tinkering around on the useless and
uninteresting magic-spell stuff.
And restart working on the stuff which the game
really needs!

Winter is to easy. So you actual don´t need to perpare for the winter!
There isn´t enough crafting like metalwork, bonecrafting,
clothingmaking(plants), ... to keep the player busy.
It´s the same for building. No advanced buildings which takes
a longer time to build or decorations as well as more furniture.
And last but not least we need the mariage and children
feature so there is really a purpose to play longer than
just one year when you have built your house and have
accumulated all the cloths, tools, weapons and food you
ever need!