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Season's Greetings and Winter Sale -- and 3.50beta recommended

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Enormous Elk  [developer] Feb 12 @ 11:20am 
@matzil: Thanks for your words and wishes. They warmed this northman's heart :) and feedback like this is ever so good fuel for the future efforts.
Regarding spruce tea, that is something I occasionally treat myself with - and the spruce spring growths are essential snacks of my summertime diet. Many herbal food/medicine is missing from the game as it's so plentiful, but the spruce products (including resin) are so traditional that adding them has crossed our minds as well. Maybe someday then.
matzil Feb 7 @ 5:18pm 
@Enormous Elk:
Worth considering in-game or IRL: Iroquois remedy for winter-time malnutrition: Arborvitae(spruce) tea/beer brewed from bark or foliage of those evergreen trees - rich in vitamin C and bunch of other nutrients.


Either way, kudos to your excellent efforts, Sir. Excelling in both archery and foundational survival mechanics in-game - y'all have richly illumined both.

Allowing others to see your vision of survival both in-game and IRL is doctorate level work, regardless whether such accolades are bestowed to you by others.

May your hearts be as sharp as your archery skills and as strong as your spirit of endearing others to admirable landscapes, culture and wildlife of your homeland. Truly, that spirit lives and breathes thru those who love to retell those truths.

Thanks for sharing your art and stories, Northman. I'm sure your heart thanks you for exercising it in the depths of winter. Rock on!
RavnosFX Jan 30 @ 9:59am 
Well fine :D I won't drink melted snow then from a mug :) but I don't think people in the stone and iron age cared about minerals in the water or knew anything about it :D in a long-term yes but just for survival purposes not to get dehydrated why not eh? Great game by the way:D
winteriscoming Jan 13 @ 10:56am 
Man if you could makre the mouse more useful poin n clik to do things like logging ect, its a bitrough doing it the curretn way and it would make it hugely accessible until the ui controls are changed it will be a huge holdback. Doesnt have to be that way but right now its way overly complicated but i know long term game might not be feasible quickly but I think you will see much more success much more if you take the time. ty
Enormous Elk  [developer] Jan 8 @ 8:59am 
@RavnosFX: It's often called highly realistic rather goddamn realistic... err.. but seriously, of course there are ever so many things you can't do in the game that you actually could do IRL. And always will be. Naturally. Who would think otherwise?
However, when it comes to using snow as drinking water, if that was your intended thought with the snow mug, it was once featured (years ago) but later removed after a good community discussion hence water melted from snow isn't healthy on a long-term for it lacks necessary minerals. There's suggestions section at the community forums where you may open a thread about this flagrant unfairness in the game mechanics, and we can continue the discussion there.
Cryomantic Cultist Jan 7 @ 3:58pm 
Its very nice to see this game coming along slowly but surely. love you guys keep up the great work.
RavnosFX Jan 7 @ 10:39am 
If the game is so goddamn realistic why the hell I can't put snow into my wooden mug and hold it over a fire to melt it and drink it? I started a game in winter there is snow everywhere and it rains and I can't even fill my mug with it. You haven't thought this through, haven't you?
Oshkell Jan 5 @ 4:05pm 
Big Huge Mr. Elk, sir, thank you for making this game. I've enjoyed it quite a bit so far. I never thought the deadly serious challenge of putting food into my belly would be so difficult and enjoyable. I'm also extremely impressed with the level of regular support you've put into your game - this alone makes me confident when I recommend it to my friends.

Thanks for doing what you do, and for posting pictures of squirrels, big huge evergreens, and other fun things like that.:terraria:
Enormous Elk  [developer] Jan 2 @ 12:36pm 
@jojojay.martin, can't say but I'm motivated to allow some extra time for myself to enjoy shooting, archery studies and related videos. However, I constantly do lots and lots of stuff behind the scenes in addition to mere coding - sometimes it's game related, sometimes not at all. Archery is something that I've practiced almost for the whole lifespan of the game. Some of my archery drills, and discoveries have manifested themselves in the game. Even used to do trad.archery displays back in the day, before YouTube times. Now it's just time to share something on that field also for those who are not necessarily into the game but into traditional archery alone.
Jojojay Jan 1 @ 7:59pm 
(not in a rude way) how much time do you spend making videos vs coding?