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We are today happy to announce the release of the major version 1.1 patch! We crammed more stuff than planned into this patch, but all for good reasons. This is why it took a bit longer than expected.

Here comes the change list:
  • Upgrade the game engine from UE 4.11 to UE 4.19... phew.
  • Some graphical highlights and particle system glitches we had have been fixed by the UE 4.19 upgrade.
  • Change save file location to AppData and potentially fix other bugs with
    saving. We think most if not all reported save problems are now fixed but
    we don't know for sure. Reports and feedback on this are appreciated.
  • Fixed problems were AI got stuck on pathing. This happened for example quite often for the Alien King in the Ice Path level.
  • Translocator disc travel distance is now dependent on how long the button is held.
  • Fixed rare crash bug with inventory scrolling.
  • Rebinding menu for controls now works for almost all buttons.
  • Fixed bug were particles and star field were missing in the menu start level.
  • Changed orange crafting circle to spin instead of pulse.
  • VR: Most recent Oculus and VIVE SDK! Should fix some crashes that have been reported.
  • VR: Mirror screen now has correct aspect ratio.
  • VR: Improved TAA to use more responsive values, reducing blur and ghosting while still getting rid of most aliasing.
  • VR: New arc teleporter that uses a blink dash. This has also a much more solid trace than the old teleport. It now also correctly triggers overlaps such as game triggers and ladder volumes.
  • VR: New backpack inventory attached to the left hand. Items can now be dropped directly from the inventory backpack.
  • VR: First implementation of physical interaction controls. Eat/drink and holster can now be done without button presses.
  • VR: New tutorial at the start.
  • VR: Right hand is now modeled and grips the held item.
  • VR: Player capsule now follows the room scale player movement.
  • VR: A blue/black overlay is added to indicate when the player head intersects geometry.
  • VR: Haptic feedback added to motion controllers.
  • VR: Some motion controller default bindings have changed. Movement (forward, backward and strafe) is done by clicking on the Dpad for Vive, and with sticks for Oculus touch. Drop item is done by right grip.
  • VR: Postprocess has been extended to show heat and cold.
  • VR: Read mode for PDA. When it displays a story text, it will continue to do so until you take the PDA away from your face.
  • VR: Minor changes to the camera and pod sequence in intro.
  • VR: Fixed sleep menu overlay not covering the whole field of view.
  • VR: Reset position and orientation should now be done with default Oculus and VIVE system menus. It does not do this at startup as it did previously.
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