The Ball

The Ball 75% Off - Daily Deal!

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TJF588 2010年12月29日下午6:11 
Already got it off of Direct2Drive (it's nice to have something via multiple venues), though I did drop a dollar more than I needed to: wasn't aware of a 20%-off coupon I coulda used.
ReBoot 2010年12月29日下午2:25 
The KF charakter was a preorder bonus, the game was more expensive for preorderes than in the daily deal.
REMi 2010年12月29日下午12:07 
I really want KF Character...I will buy THE BALL if it comes back
bioteckk 2010年12月29日上午11:50 
NO KF character thats something we the ones that pre ordered got as bonus. Sorry.....
SojaBird 2010年12月29日上午10:31 
YAY!!! TODAY IS AWSOME!! :D Specialy with this insane sale since I'm freaking stealing this game from you!! :3 <3
Cross S> TF2 Keys for Paypal 2010年12月29日上午10:24 
Definitely worth the sale price. I preordered it and it was worth every penny.
Dr. fish 2010年12月29日上午10:08 
Citric Acid 2010年12月29日上午10:08 
Sold. Nice sale!
REMi 2010年12月29日上午10:08 
where is KF Character? I WANT it!
Ally 2010年12月29日上午10:08