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New mini-campaign - and Harchier

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Lightcaster88 2014年3月19日下午12:26 
OMG! I was apart of the "Bring back Harchier Spebbington" group and there was a heated debate about this! I'm SOOOOO GLAD you listened to the fans because I wanted this character back. I'm serious, I uninstalled Killing Floor because I got bored with it, and now, I just Reinstalled the game after hearing this news! I WANT HIS CHARACTER SO BAD! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D :D :D
Mexicutioner 2014年2月28日下午9:05 
How do I acess this new 2 hour puzzle level? I dont see it anywhere in game.
FuKuy 2013年12月6日上午10:55 
Warrior 2013年12月5日下午2:10 
TheGlecter 2013年12月5日上午11:39 
Awesome, reinstalling the game right now!
MauZze 2013年12月5日上午11:03 
thank you :Dosh:
Faultyolus 2013年12月5日上午9:12 
Thats pretty awesome seeing as the game has been out for quite some time now - nice to see that it still gets some attention.
DarkTerminator 2013年12月5日上午9:07 
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it :legitimacy:
geMini 2013年12月5日上午8:52 
Thanks a lot!
Noctis149 2013年12月5日上午8:44 
Thanks for the free update 8)