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Subspace Continuum: Meet people from all over the world...then kill them!

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Subspace Continuum is the longest running massively multiplayer online game. Player run, 100% free to play, always. From the players, for the players. Subspace Continuum: Meet people from all over the world, then kill them!

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If you've always wanted to give Subspace Continuum a shot, or have been looking for the right moment to make your triumphant return, the time is now!


Our all-volunteer team has been working hard to beat compatibility issues and improve accessibility. First-time users will find a vastly-improved experience, including tutorials in all major zones. And long-time vets should be pleasantly surprised with the new coat of paint!

The Steam version now packages too many improvements to count, including HD graphics and sound, a key configuration especially designed for laptops, automatic downloads of all major zone files as they are updated, pre-packaged development tools, optimization for modern systems, and more.


Looking for competition? Join an active league! See each zone for details on available leagues.

TSL (Trench Wars)
TSL is the fastest and easiest way to play a competitive match, for new players and vets alike. Just 'show up and play' most nights of the week. The new matchmaking system ensures a fair balance. Watch your personal player rating evolve over time as you work to beat your personal best!
Click here for more information about TSL.[]

TWD 2.0 (Trench Wars)
It's the perfect time to join a squad and start competitive dueling and basing. A brand new season of TWD is right around the corner, with phenomenal improvements that will reinvent the way the game is played.
Click here for more information about TWD.[]


Having trouble running the game? Take a look at this troubleshooting guide for resolving problems with newer versions of Windows:

Mac and Linux

Want to run on Mac or Linux? We've got you covered. Unofficial stable versions will let you play on the OS of your choice:

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Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has worked to keep Subspace alive for 20 years, one of the few truly free-to-play games in existence.

Thanks to everyone who continues to play.

And thanks to those who return now and again to find with surprise and a smile that, against all odds, this incredible game lives on.

See you in space!
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