STARDROP - Leaving Early Access Feb. 1

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Tryyton Jan 22 @ 7:34am 
@| DeRaNgEr i let you know on discord, when i stream it.
| DeRaNgEr  [developer] Jan 22 @ 6:48am 
@bod699: Hey man, I still fondly remember interacting with you on the stream :datapad:.
Thank you for the support I appreciate it a whole lot!

@Tryyton: I've added you on Steam. You can send me a link for your channel, I'll try to pop in if I'm able! And thanks man.

@Chris76deL Thank you, I appreciate it, man. I hope you guys will like the 1.0 version. ;)
Chris76de Jan 21 @ 1:24pm 
@ | DeRaNgEr
Congrats for releasing your "baby" fully to the world! I hope, it gets the attention it deserves!
Tryyton Jan 20 @ 9:44am 
i will definitely stream it on release-day! looking forward to the finished game now. gratz so far, good job!
bod699 Jan 20 @ 8:20am 
I have eagerly awaited final release since checking the game out when Early Access first launched and loving it. Congrats on approaching the end of Early Access. I wish the title every success.
| DeRaNgEr  [developer] Jan 18 @ 8:38am 
@Seb147: Thank you !!!

@♣ Coraline Castell ♣: Haha, thanks. The base price for the game will remain what is right now but STARDROP will be participating in the upcoming Lunar New Year Sale shortly after release.
♣ Coraline Castell ♣ Jan 18 @ 7:55am 
A small step for man, but a huge leap for STARDROP! Congrats. Also, what price are we looking at? :butterfly:
Seb147 Jan 18 @ 6:50am 
Congrats for leaving early access!