June 2018 Recap

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asdasdzq1 Jul 17 @ 1:47am 
Hobotango Jul 16 @ 10:37am 
Im most people excited for rallypoint wave spawn and suppression system. In my opinion, Red Orchestra 1 had the best suppression system. It was very intense when you were being shot at.

And the wave spawn makes so much more sense. Have SQUAD respawn together to encourage team play. Although be aware thst if someone is lone wolfing in the squad, it could get annoying. There is also a lot of time where my whole squad would get killed and I was the only one to survive. Its not rare that I would die a few time in a whole match while being active and doing what SL told me to do. So there is definitely the need to make sure people dont have to suicide just so the squad can respawn.
[25th] Unix ♛ Jul 15 @ 10:07am 
Any news when this will be out? Their website didn't say either. Unless I missed something. Possible Mid July launch?
BilyCZ Jul 8 @ 5:03am 
Please improve visibility in game, on far distances is visibility very bad.
Legion Jul 8 @ 1:17am 
Will we get blowout panels with the abrams?
c39687 Jul 6 @ 9:35pm 
you should make an option to allow for shooting downed enemies to prevent medic, essentially only if you are behind cover would you likely get medic... and i assume headshots should not allow for medic
c39687 Jul 6 @ 7:45pm 
make sure you add cook off animation if you hit tank ammo storage and it will be realistic to have a random chance driver climbs out on fire
Stielhandgranate Jul 6 @ 1:09pm 
Please increase Performance and fix LMG Bipod bug ;)

great game!
Amaninthenude Jul 6 @ 6:42am 
Guys, is this game worth getting into now or should I wait? Looks amazing
psʏchopath Jul 5 @ 10:10pm 
i wonder how the chobham armor along with other composite armoring will be modeled on the abrams, because the armor values are classified. we have rough estimates of the base m1 abrams armor thickness against physical and chemical rounds, however squad's adding the m1a2, which i think was modified to include even more safety measures for the crew, not to mention that reactive armor could also be a thing. same thing for the challenger 2 coming for the brits.

i think squad will balance the abrams and make it's armor "not completely op" when facing other tanks, because the tank itself already good weapons, mobility, and safety countermeasures for its crew, like the massive spacing between crew members and the blowout armor panels.