A Note on ReShade

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ODIN Mar 23 @ 9:32pm 
@Doc8Ball I feel like you're pretty much just saying "I only use it for making my game pretty, therefore everyone else is only doing that too." Which is honestly just ignorant. Yes, it's intended to make games look sweet as hell, but that doesn't just magically mean that the features which provide an unfair advantage in it don't excist. I can understand it's annoying for someone who likes to tweak the look of their game to make it prettier, but you must also realize that there are some people who use it to cheat, and that's not okay. It sucks that the few have to ruin it for everyone else, but it really is up to ReShade to do something, and provide a version which does not allow options that provide unfair advantages.
-TrypleByte™ Mar 23 @ 2:49am 
@Smeg_killA its just my fav tool to make Games look better. And i hate the Arguments they give us why they banned it
Smeg_killA Mar 23 @ 2:42am 
@TrypleByte - give it up dude. They aren't going to allow reshade again untill reshade themselves make an update that removes this ability to cheat in-game
Smeg_killA Mar 23 @ 2:38am 
I was using reshade for a while on PUBG - Because the colours was so washed out to the point of it being insanely dull - my friend pointed out on his monitor this wasnt the case. It is just rather unfortunate that cheaters found a way to cheat using reshade and I find it totally acceptable that its use is banned in both Squad and PUBG - its not end, the world is still spinning folks. But. I am also one of those that get annoyed by stupid comments like "enjoy your single player games" meh - I rarely play single player games - If i did I would stick to consoles!

As for the PUBG issue - After the banning of reshade i think they made changes to the saturation - also Turning up digital vibrance in the nvidia settings helped a lot with that and so i no lonber feel the need for reshade in pubg
-TrypleByte™ Mar 22 @ 11:36am 
should reshade be legalized again ?! just to try it out if a difference is noticeable ?
Advanced3 Mar 18 @ 6:55pm 
Good, glad to hear its been banned.
Doc8Ball Mar 17 @ 6:09pm 
Lol all these kiddies saying reshade is a hack..... lmao. Sure it could be used for unfair advantages like they said, zooming, brightness etc etc... But in reality ReShade is the new version of SweetFX. All it's intended to do is give the user full control over what effect overlay's they want to run. Be it Vibrance, Sharpness, Technicolor etc etc..... So before you come on a forum crying that "your glad its gone" waa waa waa go and educate yourselves on the true purpose of the software. Look at my steam pics. Most all of them are done with reshade.
A Hobo Panda ᴺᵁᵀ Mar 12 @ 4:09pm 
@Rohn Jambo uh... that's not how that works. People like to use shaders to enhance colors in certain games. Having the "best" monitor doesn't change the fact that the game can sometimes feel colorless and dull. People don't do it because they have "bad eyesight", you retard.
Cain-Wrath Mar 11 @ 10:40am 
perhaps if your game wasn't a blurry mess, i wouldn't have to use reshade simply for its sharpening quality.
dirtycheeseburgers Mar 10 @ 3:32pm 
right on.. never saw the use for any kind of program that alters/enchances audio/visuals.. if anything you should get your eyes checked and hearing checked regularly. can spend $$$ on decent monitors, gpu, etc but if you can't see or hear properly what's the point? :Goku: