Alpha 13.1

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XXXDIRTMOMXXX May 18 @ 9:54am 
Great, where are my veterans and supporter weapons skins?
Why u take diz away from me (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Naikel [FR] May 18 @ 3:28am 
Did they solve the problem where you can see the lines and arrows of the ennemy team on the map??
ButtKicker May 17 @ 7:39am 
kindly make a night map with night vision goggles.
OneTrvth May 16 @ 4:51pm 
This game is completely different now, I love it!
Egris May 16 @ 10:51am 
Keep it up!
The game is getting better and better..
Feasko((-(-_(-_-)_-)-)) May 16 @ 7:53am 
Эй, солдаты!

Я узнал о проблемах в Альфе 13. Проверьте изменения:

Альфа 13.1 Журнал изменений
Исправлена ​​стабилизация для транспортных средств.
Исправлена ​​регрессия в двигателе легче.
MTLB 30 мм вариант MTLB через TOW или HAT.
Фильм пропал без вести.
Исправлено RCON на серверах Linux.
DanielNL May 16 @ 7:21am 
stabilizatiooooon yessss!
Reis May 16 @ 6:24am 
Wow dark, I guess the internet makes you feel tough but it’s ok your Canadian so I won’t hold it against you. And thanks for the responses kaiiru and markie. I’ve never seen one but I thought I would ask and see if I just missed it.
lurky May 16 @ 4:56am 
If anyone is getting the anti-cheat error when trying to launch Squad, try verifying the game files. It just worked for me.
Havaren May 16 @ 4:21am 
how about fixing the reload bug.... as in where we cant get in a damned vehicle or resupply because the hold F cancles out.