Solstice Chronicles: MIA

Solstice Chronicles: MIA

Overhaul Patch is now live

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BlackjackGT May 18 @ 6:10pm 
>> With the next game, we plan to improve AI and it's behaviour drasticaly :)

Promises, promises. :steamhappy: Survivors is on my wishlist for sure. :)
ANGELHEART May 17 @ 6:13am 
please the wsda for running can not change in the arrow keys please update ????? I can change the rest because I'm handy on the left
Syrus  [developer] May 15 @ 7:57am 
With the next game, we plan to improve AI and it's behaviour drasticaly :)
BlackjackGT May 15 @ 5:41am 
To be fair, all they talked about (afik) was considering adding two-player co-op in some limited form to MIA. Which wouldn't realy improve the game much imho.

My main beef all along was a lack of interesting diversity in AI behavior in MIA. It just doesn't hold up under replays to have every monster on screen racing to me like dogs after a mailman wearing a Steak Suit. It's not interesting. I had some fun with it but wasn't ultimately something I wanted to keep coming back to.

It's fine that Survivors promises procedurally generated levels and 6-player online co-op and all; but to me, if the enemy AI isn't more interesting and divierse in behavior, then the game probably won't be any more fun/replayable than MIA.
Earl of Lemongrab May 13 @ 4:22pm 
@Sir. Itchfinger you call this a solo campaign, its more like an hour and half of time wasted.
Rangerlump May 12 @ 4:41am 
Looks good. Great game.




zxgrey10 May 11 @ 6:10pm 
seem like i cant access this game have to reset this dont know what causing it but needs to be fix i really want to play this game love top down shooters
Sir. Itchfinger May 11 @ 10:40am 

Nope. Alot of us was fooled into buying a campaign solo player game with an empty promise of "if we get enough money, we will impliment multiplayer". I guess it was not enough... Since they are going to release a "NEW" game as a multiplayer :steamsalty:
mutant May 11 @ 6:20am 
i just bought the game and after going through the story i went into survival (which reminded me of the red solstice in a much less punishing way ^^, in a sense that i went, well where do i go ....what do i do ... :p fun moments) anyway, i just used tharsis survival map, i just can't get myself to get past wave 6, i don't know if i'm doing something wrong or not, i mean i didn't use the evac and it still evac me, i don't really know where to post this so maybe here's a spot if this "issue" is due to the latest patch.

also it seems that evac points are persistent in the manner than when the evac count down is finished, the zone will stay "active" and if i step on it it evac's me (it seems).

very nice work on the game (liked the story part)