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123 Apr 14 @ 2:23pm 
i used to play alot, better off going fully free to play, why monthly payments? classic wow is comming out, will try better to get people back into this community, try giving this game to a new company. or roll back the servers before the pvp gear got taken out. i dont mind people buying exp potions with real $, since that doesnt change the end game pvp. i had 5 accounts max lvl and with pvp gear, took alot of time to get pvp armor and then see it gets taken away. try comunicating what the old player base wants, try to contact them through the emails that were registered to this game. and advertise on twitch.tv? why make it a monthly payment to play classic, $ was spent years ago on all my accounts before you messed up the game, now that money was waisted. saying there is a new currency for the classic version, expecting me to repay more $ for what ive bought before
GaseousDeath Mar 25 @ 9:14am 
Rift is dead. Stop trying to milk this dead cow and instead devote your resources to developing a new game. Hopefully one where you learn from your mistakes and don't kill the playerbase with F2P and microtransaction hell pay-to-win.
Rubezahl Mar 13 @ 11:12am 
Frankly, I am interested... but releasing content "over time" is a bit vague for me to get my hopes up. This has been a good way of generating money for other games, EQ did it successfully... but they had a problem when they didn't time lock the servers because it just became a race to unlock content by big guilds.
I really liked Rift and played it from launch through the first xpac... but if this is geared toward high end guilds having a race then the majority of people will leave. And that is pretty stupid, as the high end guilds that will be racing probably already have subs :p
ZanderDF Mar 12 @ 12:40am 
I think this a great idea and when AAA games go free to play they should continue to offer these hardcore experiences, why when games go free to play they immediately reduce the difficulty of the leveling process. A dangerous world is an immersive world IMO. Look at TERA and how brainlessly easy it is to level up and do early dungeons compared to on release TERA, to me that was a complete put off not because I consider myself an elitist or anything, but because I actually WANT TO PLAY THE GAME ... I would pay for a TERA server that doesnt treat its player base like dumb monkeys . I need challenge, I need to be respected as gamer from the games I play.
Dranolth Mar 11 @ 8:07am 
You have a dying game in your hands and the first thing that comes to your mind is a subscription-only server?
Meh, good luck. The population is already pretty low and adding this "feature" won't help.
Aveloc Mar 10 @ 7:52pm 
A sub only server, eh? Way to make an already barren populace feel even more barren.
Raim Mar 10 @ 6:45pm 
Why the hell is everyone saying make it free? Then how do they make money? Its implied almost nobody is going to be buying enough cosmetics to pay for the game's continued maintenance. I hope sub fees make a come back to keep out bots and undesirables.
SephiaSky Mar 10 @ 1:32pm 
I thought they went F2P because monthly subscription wasn't suitable anymore. Now, Trion keep both F2P and monthly subscription server. Why is that? I anyone who wants to start out fresh again then he or she should delete all character and startover, no need for Patron.
Start fixing the mess you created in live server, then I might play again.
Roger St.Hammond Mar 9 @ 4:02pm 
While I did have a fantastic time playing Rift at launch and first level cap. I feel like this ship already sailed, nearly nobody is going to pick up Rift again sadly. And it wont be the same with a low playerbase, the people combined with the world of the original Rift game is what made it and with those people gone it will be a nostalgic shell.
The Iron Ladle Mar 9 @ 4:54am 
Trion Worlds is one of those companies that sees what other companies are doing and then does them worse. Try selling some more hundred dollar loot crates again.