RIFT Prime: Coming March 7!

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IcePick73TBL Mar 9 @ 8:21am 
It is still Trion....

I am glad they had a change of heart but their attitude over private chat channels from two years ago is still too recent for me. I wish them luck but I am still not convinced

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Mazer Mar 7 @ 5:22pm 
Will definitely be checking out Prime.. Sunk hundreds of hours into this game when it first released. One of my all time favorite MMO's.. Looking forward to jumping back into the good ol days.
Vobic13 Mar 7 @ 6:00am 
Rift in 2018, rofl. a game thats only alive cause of the whales that open thier wallets
Stove Mar 6 @ 6:22pm 
What time will it be released!?
Howlrunner Mar 5 @ 4:23am 
Will the Primogenitor Pack be available on Steam does anyone know? Because i am having a nightmare purchasing it through their Website right now...
Ev3rM0r3 Mar 4 @ 9:09am 
Don't know why anyone would get upset to this, they are launching it as an alternative. Don't play it if you don't want.
[VG] iM-A-tRuMsTaH Mar 1 @ 3:17pm 
After watching Defiance 2050 trailer, 5 minutes ago, I was filled with Nostalgia of Rifts early days. Logon to Steam, here I am.

With that being said, as an original game owner; all I have to do is sub in order to play? Am I gathering this correctly?:steamhappy:
neckfreak Feb 28 @ 6:27am 
Brilliant-the quick cash grab did not work and suddenly TRION reverts back to the old player base that made the game great at first? Too little, too late. You did not listen before and paid attention to the most vocal part of the community, which were mostly looking for a quick get-strong-scheme.
The ones who supported the game from beta were left to rot and forced to comply with f2p shannanigans and now TRION looks back with nostalgia to experiment with the revitalisation of a dying cluster**** of nonsense as RIFT currently is?
Last time i logged in i leveled from 1 to 65 and saw exactly 2 people in the open areas, could not enter a dungeon. PVP is non-existent. I remember the massive conquest battles with more than 150 people that went on for hours when it was initially introduced.
Those players have moved on and if TRION wants them back, they should probably send out apologetic emails for wasted time, money and resources instead of dropping "new old-school servers" news on Steam.
娃子哥灬 Feb 27 @ 7:13pm 
Donnylad Feb 27 @ 6:30pm 
CANT WAIT am coming back