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UPDATE: the Kyle Line: Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh route

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z1ggy Sep 2 @ 11:14am 
cheers again
fearless50049 Aug 20 @ 1:25pm 
about blooming time took em long enough to update this route and yes I had it before it was on steam and on my computer most scenarios were unplayable because of the trees.
Dot.exe Aug 19 @ 4:46pm 
Adam Beckett Aug 17 @ 4:47am 
... huh. Thank you guys, for your feedback. Since I have the JT version, I have the new and old installers. Gonna give it a try.
Smelly Smell Aug 17 @ 2:41am 
I'm with Mark on this, 2D trees look way better from a distance than 3D ones in TS and that's not even anything to do with FPS.
MarkW91 Aug 17 @ 1:50am 
The 2D tree update significantly improves the overall look of the route from the feedback I've had since carrying it out. The 3D tree overusage on Kyle was also a major issue for many customers. FPS increments of over 30 were made in some areas.
Adam Beckett Aug 15 @ 12:49pm 
From the patch notes:

"Swapped a large amount of 3D trees to 2D to improve performance."

... the ONE reason, I don't want to update. Exactly THIS can be less of a headache if/when the 64-bit executable is going to be released, depending on how the LOD data is going to be streamed & flushed from memory.

In modern game engines - even 32-bit bound ones - efficient memory management allows for high textures and complex geometry, vertex shaders, lot's of poly's, as long as the LOD/data streaming is managed 'well'.

Dynamic 3D optimisation of 3D assets in run-time still needs a game engine that can 'translate' this. Good old "Railworks" (2009/2012 build) won't turn into such a handsome devil. Instead - hopefully - 'loading more' in RAM will be handled at least as good as it is right now - otherwise 64-bit and 'more RAM' won't matter, frametime/framerate wise. Bottlenecks will still be bottlenecks. Not to mention the AI trains...
Yūjio (AQ RUS) Aug 15 @ 5:22am 
Why patchnote not here?\