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PVKII Is a Source modification where warriors from times past are locked in a never-ending battle for wealth, dominance, and power. Take up arms as a dastardly pirate, ruthless viking, or noble knight and test your mettle on the field of battle!

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II boasts a unique three-team symmetry and a myriad of colorful characters to promote exciting, strategic, and fun gameplay. It features four game modes, each requiring its own special brand of cunning to master. Do battle on a tropical island for control of bountiful treasure. Appease your gods by spilling the blood of your enemies deep within a Mayan temple. Conquer your foes by taking control of precious badlands territory. But most importantly, have FUN!

Features & Accolades

- Three teams with 9 unique player classes
- Fun, skill-based combat
- Swords, axes, guns, and explosives
- Unique voice acting for every character
- A variety of gorgeous levels
- Whimsical and challenging achievements
- Commandable attack parrots
- It's FREE!

"The rampant silliness and absurd title hide a remarkable robust and satisfying melee game..."

"The graphics still look amazing. The maps are the best I have seen on the Source engine..."

"One of the greatest Half-Life 2 mods to date."
- Mod DB

"I did have sexual relations with that game."
- Bill Clinton

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Well, that was no April Fools joke!

4.0 has arrived and already we want to follow up with a sizeable hotfix worthy of being called a minor update.

A minor update has been released for PVKII GORE AND MORE. Server owners, please update your servers! View changelog below!

Check out the 4.0 Trailer "Resurrection" by AGSMA of the PVKII Team!


Keep the bloody good times going! Come out and play with us TOMORROW, Sunday April 8 at 1:30 EST / GMT-5. Refer to the Steam Community Hub Event for most accurate time for your area.

We'll be playing on these servers and more:

MrAgent's Official Server
Spirrwell's Vanilla Rotation
Slammin' Butt Pirates Servers
Testudo Cohort Vanilla Server

*Server listings are subject to change.

We'd ask that you please adhere to all server rules for the game and on discord, and follow any rules enforced by server admins, developers, or testers throughout the event. Sounds easy, and we'll have fun!

PVKII GORE AND MORE Minor Update Changelog

Misc Fixes and Changes
  • Fix TDM spawn issues on lts_town
  • Fix TDM spawn issues on bt_townsquare
  • mp_dm_force can now be changed mid-game
  • Forced TDM now uses proper spawns even before the round starts
  • Fix\Update Feeding Fishies achievement, no longer requires holding the trinket, and can no longer be gotten on second to last kill randomly
  • Fix being unable to select team due to issue with class limits
  • Can now limit classes to 0
  • Force suicide to switch to class if it is limited
  • Fix issue with class limits not limiting properly
  • If class limits are enabled for a class, that player will now be forcefully killed to switch to that class. This fixes abusing class limits by changing the class you’re respawning as
  • mp_timelimit default is now 20
  • Blunderbuss thirdperson particle is now removed immediately when switching back to firstperson, so it doesn’t linger
  • Fix potential crash with the blunderbuss special particle
  • Camera no longer clips into solid walls at higher FOV
  • Skjalg’s Surprise Ending achievement
  • Archer head dismemberment
  • Townsquare now credits gate kills to the person who raises it
  • Language setting will be inherited from Steam again
  • Undo some changes that made MOTD text hard to read
  • Fix Mace position for Mace & Buckler
  • Fixed skybox culling issue at low FOV, such as zooming in with the SS rifle
Model and Material Updates
  • Fixed mipmaps on Archer's gibs.
  • Gibs no longer use lightwarps (gives minor performance boost as well as a more 'deadly' look)
  • Shaders are now synchronized, back then you'd see old textures on Archer's gibs for example.
  • Redid the Archer's bone gibs (torso).
  • Updated textures (normalmap & shading) on Knight's sheaths.
  • Improved blood-gib shading on Archer, Huscarl & Skirmisher.
  • Spamalot achievement icon updated

Join the conversation on the official PVKII Discord![] Interact with devs, testers, creators, and community!

Follow us on Trello[] for the latest development buzz, and as always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

See you in game!

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