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The Perpetual Testing Initiative

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「Z A W A R U D O」 2013年11月9日下午4:56 
I am taking the guess that "TeacherGaming" will use these kind of games to "educate" students in the classroom. They've done it with Minecraft already, so what will we do?
ДГ 2012年8月20日上午1:56 
try my map:Co-Op Map
man_sorin99 2012年8月6日上午7:22 
so no coop no portal please
Kiilgore 2012年8月4日上午10:59 

a bundle of maps to date. and i did test them and they all are possible to compleate.
grester43hck 2012年6月22日下午5:54 
hello guys i made my first chamber last day and it seems to be very difficult because my friends can´t pass it jajaja. I love the idea of find some new people to trying my chamber and can pass it. Enyoying it guys ¡


Apologies for my bad english. The reason is that i´m spanish haha
Gerrit 2012年5月17日上午11:05 
GoGo check my BunnyHop Tutoruial Map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=72420067 really important for everyone
Gerrit 2012年5月16日上午4:02 
My newest Portal 2 map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=72155403 PLEASE check it out, it is really nice and has challenging levels. And please wrtie some feedback as a comment.

Are you PRO enough to master my levels?

Good Luck and Have Fun!
Friendly Neighborhood Nibblonian 2012年5月14日上午4:45 
go to the properties for P2 in the library and the select verify local cache, I also had this problem
DreadHaven 2012年5月9日下午4:28 
I installed the update, but now Portal 2 doesn't work anymore. It keeps showing an error report regarding a failure to locate the opening menu. How do I fix this?
Phoenix 2012年5月8日上午10:09 
So, still waiting...