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Bean Seller (BOT Dean) Apr 17, 2016 @ 5:14am 
7) Did I mention I really love this game and will play it lots more. Expecially once the lag is sorted.

8) can't at-a-glance tell whether or not my towers and bunkers are occupied. It's OK though I guess.

9) sniper bullet drop?

10) "assigning" zzz people to the ground is weird. especially since theyre now "assigned" and therefore you can't assign them to a bunker or something later without first unassigning them from the ground. Why not have "move" as an option when seleting the soldier and then you choose where to put them?

11) this game is awesome

Bean Seller (BOT Dean) Apr 17, 2016 @ 5:14am 
3) Had a weird bug on the night-time level, got to wave 50ish, and then the wave counter just kept going up every minute or so without any bad guys appearing. helicopter kept coming in, wave count kept going up, but no baddies!

4) Had an engineer bug where I just had an orange sandbags defense indefinitely. I guess he couldn't get there 'cause it was blocked or something? I deconstructed a nearby bunker and then he went and built it.

5) Is the scoreboard just personal high-scores or against friends or what? Replayability is pretty good so long as the scoreboard makes sense :)

6) Interacting with the watch is kinda goofy. If you press your finger through it and bring it back it clicks twice. No biggie.
Bean Seller (BOT Dean) Apr 17, 2016 @ 5:14am 
Played a few hours today - absolutely love it! Will play more. Some feedback:

1) It's _really_ laggy. I've got an overclocked 970 and nothing is this laggy for me, not Elite Dangerous, not Hover Junkers. I'm hoping there'll be a patch to fix this. It's almost unplayable, but I like the game so much I just bare with it :)

2) Contrary to Mr. Game & Watch's feedback, I don't think the rifleman is OP, I think he's fine. I think the sniper is OP though! I would say the rocket man is, but his limited ammo kinda makes up for it. But with the sniper I can 1-shot everyone as fast as I can reload and pretty much take out a few waves single-handedly. I really love the different interfaces you've got for each weapon - so my feedback on the sniper to nerf it a little would be: require the left hand to stabalise the rifle, and make the aiming a combination of the two hands. That way when you remove your left hand to reload you'll lose your line you had, and you'll have to re-aim for each shot.
msarge Apr 16, 2016 @ 2:59pm 
Glad to see you guys supporting VR with what looks like a really fun game! Can't wait to try it!
rocket2guns  [developer] Apr 16, 2016 @ 1:31am 
You can actually order units to cover somewhere with no structure. It's a little unintuiative at the moment though. Just click and hold on the ground and you can assign them.

Great ideas though! Keep them coming we are going to compile a roadmap based on feedback.
Shaquille O'Wheel Apr 15, 2016 @ 11:30pm 
In terms of goals, here's what I think after my first two hours of playtime:

- Units should be able to be manually moved to cover an area with no structure. I'm tired of having my units in a "zzz" group in the center of my base because I don't have any structures to assign them to, despite the fact that there is perfectly useful natural terrain they could be using.

- Any kind of unit/structure promotion system would be swell.

- It seems user-controlled Riflemen are pretty godly. Could tone it down and/or buff AI-controlled Riflemen. I can see the appeal of making the user controlled ones stronger - to force the user to cover the weak fronts by manually controlling the riflemen at them - but it's a pretty extreme difference as of right now.

- AI-controlled rocketeers should not be shooting into natural terrain directly next to their own structure, or at their own structures in general.