Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

Update 322 Live on Steam!

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QuickLoad Apr 18 @ 12:34am 
thank you:macface::mac:
SlayerMeister <3 ~C~ Apr 16 @ 2:03am 
A brawl is surely brewing Apr 12 @ 4:46pm 
Thank you for all this work you keep doing for the game. Good on you, developers, keep it up !
MP Apr 11 @ 3:06am 
I apperciate that you guys look after and still take care of this game. Please continue to do so.
anubis Apr 6 @ 7:09am 
The update seems to have broken bot building. Bots constantly start and stop building, which causes them to take a long time.
RVK Apr 5 @ 10:43pm 
Thanks for the update :welder:
Bruno Sardine Apr 5 @ 5:25pm 
Hello, I would like to opt out of the knockback on onos charge. Please add the option to do so.

When you're a melee range class, knocking enemies away from you is the last thing you want.

Knocking marines out of gore range saves their lives, and chasing marines down as an onos greatly increases your chances of dying.

Thank you in advance.
Jeff Sessions Apr 5 @ 5:10pm 
We all miss Onos Devouring everyone!!!!!
accursed Apr 5 @ 5:01pm 
+1 for Onos Devour
xylose Apr 5 @ 3:58pm 
While the change to sentries are definitely polish improvements, calling them "improved" seems odd when the only listed balance change is a nerf to their target switching. Unless I'm missing something?