Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

Update 328 Released!

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Quorthon Jul 5 @ 12:12pm 
more optimizations!
Kubiasty_PL Jun 30 @ 2:58am 
NS 3 would be awesome or just make bigger battles like 50 vs 50 players on bigger maps on Oasis, deserts in space planets .... Not only in bases... Need some maps on open space.. please, with some cosmic mountains etc.. Like Chau-Sara on Starcraft or Battle of Klendathu in Starship Troopers movie =))):steamhappy:
MOYI Jun 28 @ 7:13pm 
We need Chinese
Nous avons besoin de chinois
Wir brauchen chinesisch
Necesitamos chino
potrzebujemy chin
Precisamos de chinês
Нам нужно китайский
Χρειαζόμαστε κινέζικα
Persian Jun 27 @ 5:20pm 
@MagyTheMage We need a NS2 rebranded as NS3.

Honestly.... if they just make infestation look better, I'd be happy.
MagyTheMage Jun 26 @ 7:05pm 
Honestly id rather they keep improving NS2 rathre than go for NS3...

but thats just me

is there also anything you can do about the netcode beeing a bit funky sometimess? i often get murdered by marines after i clearly went through a wall and outside of their range, and with the Hp nerfs for the aliens this is going to probably be worse
Motherboard Jun 26 @ 7:03pm 
NS3! NS3! NS3! NS3! NS3! it's been 7 years since NS2 we need NS3!
Ghoul  [developer] Jun 23 @ 5:38am 
If you are unable to start the game after the update please have a look at
Snow-Plow Jun 22 @ 3:31pm 
We need a party system. It's difficult to get friends to play a game when half the time we are on opposite teams.
BrockTheRockGymLeader Jun 21 @ 9:49am 
Use windows 10 israroot lol
israroot Jun 20 @ 5:19pm 
upgrade to Visual Studio 2017 runtime, game not start.
My windows is 7