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We've updated the game to support both Brazilian Portuguese and Korean localizations. We've also patched some bugs and taken a stab at the "Run Left" bug, where your characters only move left. If you're experiencing this bug, wait fifteen seconds and try again.

Full Patch notes:
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese and Korean localizations
  • Re-worked code for Beat the Devs achievement to prevent unearned unlocks
  • Make sure the pause menu still has a cursor after a mouse was used on the map screen
  • Added a 15 second timeout on inputs from unrecognized controllers to address run left problems
  • Add correct font switching to GUI elements when a new language is selected
  • Show appropriate localized versions of certain special knight names instead of English versions
  • Add missing Traditional Chinese achievement localization to Steam
  • Remove non-functional BBcode from Russian achievement localization in Steam
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