Conquer Update Changelist October 27, 2015

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jeanfrancoisbaron Nov 7, 2015 @ 4:46am 
ne se met pas a jour
Don't touch my fucking pasta! Nov 6, 2015 @ 6:03am 
Plaid Nov 3, 2015 @ 7:41pm 
Oh! I just learned about this. Good stuff, Team. I'll have to see if my current living quarters will allow a mouse and keyboard so I can try all this out.
Mr. Kirk Nov 2, 2015 @ 8:32pm 
How do you use the insurgent weapons in coop? I don't see them available to choose anymore....but this patch note leads me to believe they should still be usable?

Insurgent weapons now use the Security-style suppressors in coop.
-CML-Grumsy Nov 1, 2015 @ 12:54pm 
Please put the M9 back in for Insurgents. It makes sense they have it since that is one of the most common firearms in the world these days.

This change makes me not want to play anymore.
Vorducas Zizroth Nov 1, 2015 @ 12:23pm 
AI arousal system eh? *Insert Lenny*

Joking aside tho, looks like a cool update, I'll probably reinstall it for a play.
G✪D Oct 31, 2015 @ 10:51am 
Another CS:GO . thanks for made this game ♥♥♥♥
CoSm1c gAmΣr Oct 31, 2015 @ 9:03am 
CTD in map change may be caused only on some servers. I player KINKY servers :)
FoxtrotPanda Oct 31, 2015 @ 8:14am 
love the update,but my fps kept dipping like crazy after the usually at 70-40,but now,it drops to 30-24 fps.even in lowest settings!
Zángano Pendlay Oct 31, 2015 @ 6:12am 
Thanks a lot for the Kappa support !!!