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I found a magic planet.

It’s not that it is a class 20 planet – it only started as a class 14 and I’ve upgraded it since. It is that it had 6 fertile tiles with 5 of them ready to have something amazing placed in the middle. In this case, Kimberly’s Refuge. Combined with the planet being a fertile world the result is that this one planet produces 34 food.

Of course, having the time to build this up required relative peace to be the norm which is the subject of this dev journal.

Leave me alone
One of the most common questions we get is how do you keep everyone from going to war with you? Can you play the game without having to build up a huge military. The answer is, yes and…maybe.

I’m playing as a benevolent civilization. This means my polar opposite civilizations (malevolent) will be inclined to go to war with me. If I were playing as pragmatic, they would also not like me but they are somewhat less likely to pull the trigger on going to war with a pragmatic civilization versus one that is their opposite.

So what’s the key to getting them to leave me alone?

Relationship factors

Here is the Drengin. The biggest two things helping me with them are the fact we’re trading with them and they are relatively far away.

Tip #1: Trade with them
When I play as a peaceful civ, I am careful to trade as much as I can. You do take a hit due to trading with their enemies but it’s still a big benefit.

Trade helps in so many other areas too. For example, the more you trade, the less easy of a target you are since they really want your money.

Tip #2: Treaties

Make sure you are setting up treaties with them.

Tip #3: Financial Aid / Tribute

You can give tribute to civilizations (give them money) which will make them happy.

Tip #4: Don’t be an easy target
If a bear is chasing after you and your friends, you only need to be faster than the slowest friend. You don’t need a big military to keep from being attacked. But if you are absolutely defenseless then you are inviting conquest.

Tip #5: Use Diplomats

If you have trained any diplomats, you can use them on the powerful civilizations that you want to leave you alone. You don’t need them to love you, you just need them to hate someone else more.

Tip #6: Build up your diplomatic skills
There are certain planetary improvements and technologies that give your civilization more diplomatic points. Your increased skills will cause other civilizations to like you more.

Tip #7: Spy with Freighters
A lot of players will try to keep an eye on what other civilizations are doing by building starbases and sensor ships. But these can sometimes cause other civilizations to consider them trespassers. But freighters don’t have that issue.

Instead, design freighters that have great sensor ranges. Make sure you get an open borders treaty with them.

Hopefully these tips will help you maintain a galactic peace…or at least long enough to either ascend or get a diplomatic victory!
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