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Just a bug fix update and an increase in build points for the ACK, because why not!

1.1.7 (Build 10.3) Change List
  • ACK build points increased to 10k (up from 8k!)
  • Ranged brigands now default to 10 units for awake radius to match ranged skeletons. Any ranged brigands already placed in adventures will still be set to 6 - but can now be increased to 10.

  • Fixed the health below 50% event firing when it shouldn't
  • Fixed pressing ESC to get out of TOD VFX node would not bring back the top editor menu
  • Fixed a loot shrine exploit bug - you now can't switch players once you have prayed until you grab your reward!
  • Fixed skeleton king not having white dust blood when killed
  • Fixed enemies constantly moving through teleporters causing character interaction UI to flicker
  • Fixed not being able to set ranged brigand awake radius bigger than 6 units, like ranged skeletons can, now goes up to 10 units
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