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Official group for our game Faerie Solitaire!

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"I only play casual games for casual gamers such as myself. "

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A new better late than never version is on the 2018 beta branch. You will need to switch to this "2018_beta" branch to play this update. Once enough people confirm that it works as intended I will graduate it to live.

If you play this please give feedback on if you notice it being better. Maybe create a new profile to test with if you feel up to it.

The changes specifically:
* The chance for all eggs to drop is much higher now. Shouldn't be too high to make the egg hunt unfun, but let me know if it's too high or not.
* After you purchase the Tree of Life powerup the drop rates for eggs go even higher to prevent the need for endless grind. So if you already have Tree of Life powerup unlocked you can enjoy the even higher rates. There is no tool tip for the powerup for this effect but it is in game.
* Egg shop removed. It's more fun to get eggs in game than buy them.

If you previously played but never got the last egg achievements and lost your save (or played the older beta with egg shop and got a glitch) you can download this save to use to complete the last two achivements:

Put the files in the folder in the zip in your C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Faerie Solitaire

This update is unfortunately still only for Windows for technical reasons. It would be possible to make new Mac/Linux builds but I will need to rewrite some of the dependencies this version of the game uses which have only Windows versions. Maybe in 2019.

For anyone who got all of the eggs in the original version, just know you beat RNGesus.

This is still not the final update to this classic version but I'm still pressed for time so I'll have to budget more time in 2019 to make some more changes and quality of life updates before the final update for this game is released.

I still also encourage people to play the Remastered version once we get the engine rework released for it. Should be Soon(TM). :colorlessfaerie:
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