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This update adds content mostly targeted at levels 12-19 (with a few harder encounters), allows a new mage build based on melee weapons and introduces a new difficulty level(Story) to make the game more fun to casual players. It also enables an option to permanently reduce the difficulty of an already started game. Some of the translations are still underway.

This is a free upgrade for everyone. Enjoy.

Content and world changes/additions

  • Added new maps including 6 outdoor sectors, new monsters, over 30 new items and 7 quests. To find the new content just walk to the town of Solliga or to the Elder Forest. Most of the new quests are targeted at levels 11-19, but there are some optional fights that should be challenging at any level.
  • Some bosses are respawned and can be killed one more time: Faazvolfrul, King of Korne.
  • The optional mass-battle with the Forsaken now grants some non-unique loot.

Features and improvements

  • New skills for Mages that wish to play as Arcane Knights trainable at Icemist, but might require solving a quest first.
  • New General skill available in Elder Forest for those who are friends with the Varannari.
  • New "Story" difficulty with better regeneration, and enemy HP and Damage reduced by 25%.
  • Difficulty can now be lowered (never raised) from the Options menu.
  • Added link to "News" in main menu.

Balance and Adjustments

  • XP required to level up reduced slightly between levels 10-24; you may gain a level when loading your game.
  • Gossip skill now grants a discount when buying from shops (3%, 6% or 9%).
  • Traits can now be raised up to 12.
  • Player and companion melee damage slightly increased. Previously Rogues gained +1 damage at levels 1/6/12/18/24 and other classes gained nothing. Now Rogues gain +1 damage at levels 1/4/8/12/16/20/etc. Warriors gain +1 melee damage at levels 5/10/15/20/etc. Clerics gain +1 melee damage at levels 7/14/21/etc.
  • "Gate" mage skill level two now costs 1 Skill Point instead of 2. If you learned it, you'll be refunded one Skill Point.
  • Carrion Eaters and other creatures now paralyze for 6 seconds instead of 10.
    Improved item stats: Assassin's Cuirass & Leggings, Crushing Ember, Enchanted Vulcan Bow. Justice, Righteousness are now usable by Cleric. Totem of Protection is usable by All.


  • Fixed a bug that caused offhand weapons' proc effects to last much longer than intended.
  • In rare cases, a combination of Intervention going off with near-zero mana could fail to trigger the Ankh of Life power. Fixed.
  • Enemies casting defensive spells were receiving no bonuses from them. They work as intended now.
  • Certain revelation from in a dialogue with the Undermother was not having effect on the main quest. Solved.
  • Fixed many dialogue small errors.
  • Sometimes after "A Fair Deal" resolved peacefully with Janod your reputation with Thuram and the
  • Wizards' Guild wouldn't be fixed. This will be solved retroactively.
  • Retribution fixed for Hirge... this time for real!.
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