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Elite Dangerous

Community Feedback and 3.0.3 Update

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calihead Mar 26 @ 7:47am 
whats the update about?
Ashpoker Mar 24 @ 5:56am 
I have never complained about ONI but now i have to. Since it made it unchanged to release it calls for a mod. The geyser change is totally retarded, no joke. Is there anyone who could make a mod and change the geysers to state they were before ?
Mumtaz Mar 21 @ 12:56pm 
you dont have money or creativity solution ; turn to game grinding die frontier.
AnTi HErO Mar 20 @ 8:27pm 
I LOVE FRONTIER!if you dont like it?FUCK OFF ...dont play it ,nobody care about YOU!!!was für idioten,lol..
Mr Robot Mar 20 @ 7:22pm 
fix the rank up missions system, is frustrating to be ready to rank up literally for weeks waiting the damn mission to pop up randomly...
calihead Mar 20 @ 4:53pm 
Praetor Mar 20 @ 4:37pm 
Hi FD, i like the new patch, I hope that you can upgrade the guardian modules in the future.
plz make more alien models, more new interesting technology, its realy funny XD nice work!!! thx
Disorder Mar 20 @ 12:07pm 
I like what you're doing but it seems a bit wasted if the majority of the game is unbalanced when only X and Y features get changed/nerfed whatever. Think I might wait until the full pass is completed.
Tofue Mar 20 @ 8:10am 
If the devs are so concerned about many players exhausting a treasure room like this, tilting some percieved game balance in emergent gameplay, then let the treasure room move around - but give clues so players can 'solve' where the treasure room moves to!

Unfortunately, it appears that the devs became more concerned with having a controlled balance for some average within an immutable standard deviation, with an extreme predjudice against emergent outlier behavior; and then, the player is forced to trade time-sink in distance for any economic advantage, in-game - which makes the percieved trade-off pointless in actual player gains. One might just stick to trading or missions in one system or within a 12ly bubble.
Tofue Mar 20 @ 8:09am 
-=Hollywood=- is right on the money.

The problem isn't the grind, in itself, but the payoff balance. Finding corners of the map which pay out more than the average in reward is part of what historically makes open-play games great. There needs to be exceptional locations - the hidden 'treasure rooms' of sorts.

Reward the player for their curiosity, not to repremand them with just another a clone economy or system that _trends_ higher, but actually is higher. Ceos/Sothis used to be a good example of this. I was thrilled when I came accross it - missions offering a few million and such. As a 'younger' player, I couldn't ask for a better solution from staying within the bubble. Experiencing that 'room' allowed me to not only understand the mechanics of jumping around (distance consious and fuel star weary), but gave me that monetary push to upgrade to a begginer's long-range ship.