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Greetings Commanders!

The Steam Awards are almost upon us and we'd like your help in making Elite Dangerous a nominee in the Labor of Love category! Since 2014 we've seen Commanders explore the deepest depths of our 1:1 simulation of the Milky Way, finding new worlds, new discoveries and even a few dangers along the way. Over these last six years, we have, and continue to strive to enhance the experience of our players. Updates such as Horizons that added planetary landings, new ships, mysteries and of course the Thargoids. To our most recent update allowing Commanders to become owners of gigantic Fleet Carries and the opportunities they present. We continue to refine the game to this day with patches and balancing passes based on community feedback.

Elite Dangerous is not only a labor of love for us here at Frontier, we have seen thousands of Commanders pour their heart and soul into the game, making the Elite Dangerous community the powerhouse it is today. Most importantly we are not done yet. With Elite Dangerous: Odyssey just around the corner we are excited to bring even more excitement, mystery and enjoyment to all the Commanders out in the black for many more years to come. We humbly ask that you help us spread the word of Elite Dangerous and encourage more Commanders to blaze their own trails by using the option to nominate Elite Dangerous for the Labor of Love Steam award.

Fly Dangerous Commanders!

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