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This is a friendly place to talk about KW, and directly ask developers questions about the game. We are a small Indie company and do what we can to put our players first - so don`t be shy and we`ll do our best to try and help out.

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Dear Players,

As you might have noticed we haven`t updated Kingdom Wars in a while. And while we still update KW2B regularly, the team is working on our next big title, a grand strategy game Medieval Kingdom Wars.

I`m afraid I can`t give you any good news with regards to Kingdom Wars... as you might have read before - we hit a roadblock with all the updates to the engine that we had since we started working on Kingdom Wars several years ago, that made us unable to retain player progress if we were to continue updating the game.

We are not sure about future plans for Kingdom Wars - perhaps one day we`ll re-release it as a new F2P experience using the updated engine, who knows, but one thing for sure - we`ll keep on running the original KW game servers indefinitely while there`s still any interest in the game.

With several free expansions, and nearly a hundred updates we had a lot of great times working and updating Kingdom Wars. And at this point we look to the future, and hope to see some of you try our upcoming Medieval Kingdom Wars title.

MKW Pre-Alpha Testing Invites
As we`ve mentioned - the new title we are working on is singleplayer Grand Campaign, with competitive multiplayer component - Medieval Kingdom Wars. We can`t reveal any details just yet, but we are looking forward to giving free access to this title to our top KW and KW2B players.

Later this April, the 14th, we`ll send out first round of email invites.

We have selected quite a few players who we`ll be emailing the invite, and we expect to have additional rounds that will cover majority of our top player population from Kingdom Wars 1 and Kingdom Wars 2: Battles.

Few things to mention - the requirements for the first invite are really high up, we are only inviting our top players. We looked at players with close to 100 hours of gameplay time, and lots of progress.

In addition please keep in mind that we can only send invites via the email that you entered when running KW2B or KW1 for the first time.

If you didn`t make it in this time - don`t worry, chances are if you are one of our veterans you`ll get invited in one of the following rounds.

We also have to mention that installation will come with an NDA agreement, as we have to keep the game a secret for now from the larger community and want to try and avoid leaking screenshot and video of the game this early in production.

And finally - this might be a deal breaker for some of you... But, for the first couple of rounds the pre-alpha build will require a pretty good video card. We are in progress of adding additional LODs to make it playable on all systems, but we are still couple of months away from that. I think from round 3 we`ll finally have game accessible for all ranges of hardware, so requirements will become same as KW2B.
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