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Dark Horizons Mechanized Corps
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Hey Everyone!

After a long wait we were able to finally release last month BETA 2 (you need to opt into the public beta), Yay!

BETA 2 focused primarily on getting our Multi-Player networking tech working. So far it looks like things are working fairly well. Over time we will continue to look at ways to optimize and make sure game play is smooth, even at higher pings. Utlimately we will be working towards and auto-scaling server infrastructure that will allow us to spin up servers regionally to reduce ping times for players.

SOOO What are we working on next? First I will say that our goal will be to release a new update to the BETA every month until it is far enough a long to replace the current live EA offering. For this month we will be focused on balancing some of the weapons, Improving AI, and general bug fixes.

Other projects that we are working on that will probably not be released until end of January include additional mission environments, a new multi-player mission type, and UI updates.

For those interested in a Single Player Campaign, this is a longer term goal, but understand that everything we are currently working for general game play for our Multi-Player component also applies to things we want to do with the SP Campaign. Currently we are doing SP Campaign design and planning, but MP will come first.

That is all for this update, if you have any questions or general thoughts you would like to share we strive to be as open and honest as possible!

Thanks for your continued support!

For more news follow us on twitter @mgtgames

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