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Hello, everyone!
It's crazy to think that, as of today, Portal 2 has been released 10 years ago, it doesn't even feel like it's been that long, last week on the 12th of April it was also exactly 6 years ago since Destroyed Aperture has begun development, time really flies!

Now it's time that we share some little news about Destroyed Aperture!

  • Development Update
    The past few months have been dedicated to further developing and polishing our story, dialogue script, levels and most importantly, working on something that's secret.

    Admittedly, progress has been a little slower due to personal commitments and the ongoing situation. We feel it was better to slow down a bit rather than to work under pressure, but as things have started to ease up, we've been making some good progress, stuff is now coming along well behind the scenes!

    Are you wondering what the "something that's secret" is?
    Then stay tuned for our next announcement, we will have something exciting to show! 👀

  • New Team Members
    We'd like to give a warm welcome to our 3 new team members that have recently joined the Destroyed Aperture crew! 👋

    • TheDapperPenguin - SFM Animator
      TheDapperPenguin has joined the team at the end of last year, you may get a little glimpse of his work from the header image or the thumbnail image background of this announcement, and you may also get to see some more soon!

    • SubjectN - 3D Generalist
      SubjectN has joined the team 2 weeks ago and has since then started working on a few models and assets! Same as above, you may notice a glimpse of some of his work soon as well!

    • Pontastic - Concept Artist
      Pontastic has also joined the team 2 weeks ago and has started working on concept art for something that shall not be disclosed yet!

    They've been doing an incredible job so far, make sure to look at and check out their portfolios and other work!
That's it, for now!
Thank you for taking the time to read through and keep your eyes peeled for the next announcement! 👀

🎂🎉 Happy Birthday, Portal 2! 🎉🎂
-Destroyed Aperture Team
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