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A world that put trust into the hands of tyranny is one doomed to fail...

Project vigor, this was meant to be a new step for the world to embrace a life without disease or war, resulting in a better quality life and way of life for the world being able to rest easy knowing that many threats in our world could be erased by this wonderful piece of technology. However, unknown to the world, CyberCon had other intentions that they weren’t willing to share with the rest of the world.
They developed neuro-hub chips that became mandatory to implant into people upon birth using state of the art surgery that can only be descried as science fiction. CyberCon had permission to do so after their breakthrough technology was seen as a major milestone in modern science and everyday living. The neuro hub was a gateway to easier communication, enhanced capabilities to prevent against common disabilities as well as the foundation for the next step in human life.

Due to CyberCon’s struggle for morality and justice, 25 years after the distribution of the chips, CyberCon pulled the plug on the entire network of these chips. This caused a global disruption in the chips releasing a deadly chemical virus that leaks into the users’ brain and begins to take over the central nerve system and other important areas of the brain. CyberCon has a mainframe machine that temporarily “mind controls” the users. Because the machine isn’t at its maximum potential, the users remain in a “zombie-like” state and have very little, if not no control over their conscience. CyberCon, being the criminally evil geniuses they are, are unsure what their next step in this project of theirs is. They go on for weeks trying to make the morally right decision for the future of the human race, that is mostly now paralyzed in a freakishly zombie state.

You must learn and grow in order to conquer and slay this demon once and for all, the fate of world rests on your shoulders, do you choose to live or do you choose to join them.

Welcome to the BrainBread universe

Reperio Studios
BrainBread 2

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Players & Skills
  • Blazing Ammo sound cue will no longer play when you damage NPCs with the flamethrower.
  • Skill Sound Cues should no longer be interrupted by other player sounds.
  • Added skill sound cue for Crippling Blow and Life Leech.
  • In Deathmatch mode you'll now pickup armor and health on touch rather than only on +use. If you walk over armor, it'll only be picked up if the armor type is greater or equal to your current armor type.
  • Removed armor weight in Deathmatch mode.
  • Human FLESH overlays will now render properly for clients that haven't entered your PVS at all.
  • Fixed map selection GUI pagination.
  • Opening the chat window will now properly position the mouse cursor so that you can easily scroll in the chat panel.
  • NPC based killfeeds can now be hidden by setting hud_deathnotice_npcs to 0.
  • Fred should no longer get paralyzed sometimes when someone triggers his rage mode.
  • Zombies and zombie bosses can now attack targets when you stand on them / under them, improved their reach.
  • Improved climbing, crawling and jumping when using NAV.
  • Walkers & Runners will no longer randomly die as frequently, if they have an active player enemy within sight they'll not be flagged for death.
  • Improved AI responsiveness, finally! Bandits are no longer super lazy in big objective maps...
  • Improved crawler hull slightly.
  • Fixed YAW speed for crawlers.
  • Fixed akimbo weapons fully, from now on they will work more like CS:S dualies. You only have to click one button. (LMB by default)
  • Fixed akimbo world models, sometimes the weapon would disappear entirely when dropped.
  • Fixed faulty attachment names on the akimbo Glock-17 and akimbo Beretta.
  • Melee weapons can now set how likely they are to stun an enemy, in addition to the default stun rate.
  • Workshop will now load info for more than 50 addons on the client. If you had more than 50 addons previously, there could have been a chance that the map selection panel wouldn't list all of your subscribed workshop maps.
  • Gameservers can now load more than 50 workshop maps.
  • The gunshop will no longer block players from entering if you fail to complete the map. The gunshop door block brush was not reset on round/game restart.
  • Added a few more clips to prevent camping on vehicles.
  • Fixed some NAV connection issues.
  • Fixed NAV issues.
  • Fixed invisible texture bug in the sewers.
  • Fred will no longer get stuck in the subway area, near the ticket booth.
  • Zombie Players can no longer +use and abuse the turtles.
  • Updated some props to be prop_static rather than prop_dynamic, plus disabled collision on a few of these props.
  • The main door leading to the facility will now be killed when the first objective is completed.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed the player to jump on top of some fences.
  • Nerfed zombie spawners near the spawn area and secure facility area.
  • Added more details to the map, thanks to Sethen!
  • Fixed an exploit which would allow the player to jump+crouch onto the clothing drape on the second floor.
  • Clipped palm trees.
  • Fixed AI nodes.
  • Fixed player spawn entities using PITCH spawn angles.
  • Added navmesh to Rooftops, Barracks, Surgery and Devilscrypt.
  • Boosted Remington 700 by 15% in Arena and Objective, against NPCs.
  • Nerfed Rex and Akimbo Rex by 13% in Deathmatch.
  • Nerfed Benelli M4 23% in Deathmatch.
  • Boosted Remington 870 by 5% in Deathmatch.
  • Boosted Sledgehammer by 10% in Arena and Objective, against NPCs.
  • Boosted Fireaxe by 8% in all modes.
  • Nerfed Hatchet by 5% in Deathmatch.
  • Sledgehammer is now 100% more likely to stun a target, if Crippling Blow > 0.
  • Baseballbat is now 25% more likely to stun a target, if Crippling Blow > 0.
  • Machete is now 50% less likely to stun a target, if Crippling Blow > 0.
  • Brick is now 75% less likely to stun a target, if Crippling Blow > 0.
  • M9 Bayonet is now 50% less likely to stun a target, if Crippling Blow > 0.
  • Hatchet is now 50% less likely to stun a target, if Crippling Blow > 0.
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