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Welcome to our Steam group, feel free to talk about, organise games or do any other cool stuff, if you'd like events scheduled, get in touch :)

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Patch 3 this week is a very small one. Most of the team are busy with some vacation and personal commitments.

This past week, however, I did spend a good amount of time querying the old item system, organizing and cleaning the owners of cape items, and giving out Capes to the original owners. With this patch, you should now have all the Capes you did prior to the Harmonious Prelude update!

Changelog since Patch 2
Bug Fixes
  • The code for queuing to matches has been refactored entirely, which should address issues we've seen with queued spectators not getting into a match properly, and multiple bots spawned in the wrong matches.
  • Fixed some mask items not being properly colored after selection on the Customization screen
  • Fixed a problem with the berimbau.exe process staying open after exiting the game.

Since a few days were lost by everyone, we're spending this week on working with authors to get former items in-game, as well as the new versions of items in the item store. I hope to also have some of the background emblems in-game by the end of this week.
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