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Welcome to our Steam group, feel free to talk about, organise games or do any other cool stuff, if you'd like events scheduled, get in touch :)

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Blade Symphony Free To Play Patch 6
Since the last update, our focus has been to get SourceMod working with the game again. Unfortunately, SourceMod support for 64-bit operating systems is still underdeveloped, which is what the Windows and Linux dedicated servers use.

Until the wonderful SourceMod team are able to improve 64-bit support, we decided to switch gears and fix crashes and bugs that we've noticed new players are encountering. After this update, we want to pivot to working on workshop support for older items.

Thanks to the wonderful continued support from our community[] we will be working to add workshop support for older items, re-implement the statistics system, and begin working on gameplay changes again!

Join our Discord[] and be sure to check out our Bug Tracker[], if you would like to assist with development!

Changes since Free to Play Patch 5
  • End of duel slow-motion now properly accounts for player animation speed.
  • Added mouse-over effects to the web links in the menu.
  • Hid the redundant “Harmonious Prelude” text at the bottom left of the main menu.
  • Optimized a lot of cases where memory would be copied where it was unnecessary to do so.
  • Solved a lot of warnings that would be constantly logged to the developer console, which could cause mid-game stutters.
  • Optimized console variable management in the engine, providing a minor speed-up across the board.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed many bugs where memory owned by another part of the game would be written over. Causing crashes that wouldn’t manifest until the affected memory was accessed again, typically when changing maps or closing the game.
  • Fixed a crash when building lightmaps.
  • Fixed a crash related to Discord rich presence integration.
  • Fixed many instances of memory being used after it had been deallocated.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the customization menu writing to memory used by other parts of the game.
  • Fixed a crash related to BBTV playback.
  • Fixed a crash when sending client info to a server.
  • Fixed an oversight where players would move at their normal speed during the end of duel slow-motion.
  • Fixed a bug where players could kick themselves from the game by scrolling the mouse wheel too fast over menu spinwheels.
  • Fixed a bug where GUI spinwheel controls would randomly not scroll back to the beginning properly.
  • Fixed a broken material on duel_winter.
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